Sheetal Sinha graduated from the best college in Delhi University with top honours. She wanted to pursue her postgraduate studies in Australia and was on the lookout for the best universities there.

Aware of the how difficult it was to get scholarships, Sheetal was exploring financing options while preparing her applications. Understanding the various benefits of taking a Personal Loan to fund her education, she decided to apply for one in order to reach her dream university.

If you too are on the lookout for the top university for higher studies, help is at hand. Read on to know about the best Australian universities and see how you can finance your studies there.

The Top Australian Universities for Higher Studies

1. Australian National University: This is one of the most reputed institutes in Australia. Located in the capital city of Canberra, ANU is a great choice for a number of disciplines including Geography, Politics and International Relations, Science, and Linguistics.

2. University of Melbourne: The University of Melbourne is ranked 42 among the best universities globally. The postgraduate courses in Accounting and Medicine are respected the world over.

3. University of Sydney: Apart from great education, the institute also has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Plus, Sydney is a wonderful, lively place for a student.

4. University of New South Wales: Here is another Sydney institution. The University of New South Wales is famous for its research programmes and scholars hold it in high regard.

5. University of Queensland: This is one of the oldest institutes in Australia, established around 1909. Apart from the many scholars and award winners it has produced over the years, the university has also produced a number of Nobel laureates.

Taking a Personal Loan for Higher Studies

If you want to study in any of these universities, you will need funds. The average cost of completing a postgraduate course in Australia is Rs 15 lakh. It is difficult for most people to pay this out of their pockets. So, many students opt for Personal Loans when they decide to study in Australia. Personal Loans offer many advantages such as:

· Quick approval: Unlike an education loan, you do not have to wait for days to get a Personal Loan sanction. You can go online and use a Personal Loan eligibility calculator. This will tell you exactly how much you can borrow. Then, all you have to do is submit your application along with the required documents. Usually, your loan will reach you in about three days.

· Flexible repayment: You can choose from many repayment options. You can spread out the EMIs, based on your comfort level. You can pay low EMIs over a longer period. You would not feel financially strained at any point of time.

How to Get a Low-Interest Rate Personal Loan

Personal Loans are perceived to be expensive but few realise that you can try and negotiate the interest rate with the lender. The rates will also be lesser if you have a good credit history. So, do not get dejected by the rate of interest when you apply for a Personal Loan. You can always work on it.

The bottom line

If it has been your dream to study in Australia, do not let the shortage of funds stop you. Apply for a Personal Loan for education abroad with Bajaj Finserv and enrol yourself in a top university. Let the degree be your passport to success!

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