The Diwali season is right around the corner to add more colour and happiness to every Indian household. Why not make the most of the festivities and the irresistible offers that come with it and buy a great smartphone?

As you may already know, devices from the best smartphone brands always have some of the priciest tags on them, but the myriad of revolutionary features they offer make them worth every paisa. Since the festive season is almost here, be on the lookout for Diwali offers on smartphones that suit you best.

Here’s a list of the top smartphone brands in India and their top selling smartphones.

Apple iPhone- The Best of the Best

Apple has proved to the world that churning out variants upon variants of smart devices isn’t really the right way to conquer the market. Instead, it has reiterated a well-known fact that only a handful of quality releases is enough to get everyone to stop and take notice. With this principle as a driving force, the American company has built a legacy with over 10+ variants of iPhones. The latest one among them, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have ignited the market with their standout features.

Samsung- The Undisputed Contender

The South Korean consumer electronics brand is the only company that has come close to shaking Apple’s dominance in the global market. With their Galaxy series of smartphones, Samsung has set quality benchmarks that other smartphone makers can’t even begin to breach. The latest releases from Samsung like the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have been bestsellers in all the world markets courtesy of their consistent design and performance.

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Sony Xperia- A New World of Experience

The Xperia lineup from Japanese electronics conglomerate has scorched up every market it has reached. With a loyal fan base and a series of devices ranging from budget to high-end, flagship smartphones, the Xperia range has garnered a considerable fan base across all age groups and socio-economic classes. The company’s Z series of smartphones, in particular, has brought some never-seen-before innovations like waterproof technology and HD cameras to the forefront.

LG- Breath of Fresh Air

LG, another South Korean electronics giant, rounds off the top smartphone brands in India 2015 list. LG showed the world with the G series of smartphones that with enough persistence and drive for innovation, anything can be attained. The G Flex series, for instance, comes with a curved screen and a more flexible design that is literally ahead of the curve.

With this handy list in mind, go ahead and get your hands on some of the most acclaimed smart devices and bask in the festive spirit of Diwali.

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