Getting a new wardrobe used to be a big chore earlier. You would have to find a carpenter. Or, you would have to go to a furniture store with all the dimensions written down. You would have to supervise, chase after the delivery, and then, get it installed. Plus, you had little choice. You either went with the solid wood pieces or looked at the sturdy steel ones. You would also have to shell out a sizeable amount of cash for the purchase. Thankfully, we have moved towards a better future. You can go cashless now, and get a wardrobe on EMIs. Besides, buying one has never been more convenient.

Buy a Wardrobe at The Best Prices

When you spend money on something, you must get the best value for it. You may buy your furniture on EMIs. That stings less. But even then, find the best deal you get for the amount you spend. To help you out, here are the things you should look for:


Look at the kind of space in your room. Choose between a wall unit or a smaller two-door or three-door wardrobe. Or, you can opt for a mid-sized one with sliding doors. Maybe you have a smaller room but need big storage space. Go for a mirrored-door wardrobe that runs the length of a wall. It creates an illusion of space.


Will you use your wardrobe for clothes? Or, will it be clothes and bed linen? Get a mix of racks and rails if you plan to store a mix of things. If you also intend to keep valuables in it, ask for a safe, or a drawer that can be locked. Wardrobes with large drawers are great for storing seasonal items like duvets and woollens.


Modern houses have well-designed, planned interiors. Make sure your new piece of furniture blends with the design theme. If you have lots of exposed brick and rough flooring, pick a distressed finish on teak wood. An ultramodern, minimalist decor calls for chrome and metal. If you believe in a Bohemian mix of colours and styles, get a hand-painted wardrobe. Pop colours look good in children’s rooms.

Make your buy only if you are happy on all counts. Otherwise, it will not bring you your money’s worth.

The Way to Pay: The EMI Card

Use an EMI card to finance your buy. It is easy, it is convenient, and it eases the financial burden. In all other EMI plans, you would have to look out for hidden costs. These include high processing fees, prepayment penalty, and high interest rates. So, it makes sense to buy a wardrobe on no-cost EMIs. For this, all you need is the EMI card offered by Bajaj Finserv. Be part of their massive EMI network. The way to pay is to go completely cashless. Need some figures? Well, here goes. Bajaj Finserv now has more than 30,000 stores as their partner retail outlets. The network spreads over more than 300 cities across India. Choose from among more than one million products. In fact, more than seven million members have a Bajaj Finserv EMI card today. You can use the card to shop from online retailers like Amazon, and Flipkart, among others.

Apply online, or ask for Bajaj EMI finance at a partner retail outlet. You need minimal documentation. The instant approval means that you carry a loan in your pocket. You can shop without cash, or pay a low down payment at most. Pay off exactly the amount that you buy the wardrobe for. There is no interest to be repaid. You have already chosen the specifics of your wardrobe. Now, you also get to choose the tenure of your interest-free EMI payments.

If you already are a customer of Bajaj Finserv, you can apply for an EMI Card by logging into our customer portal. If you aren’t an existing customer, you can apply for an EMI Card at any of our partner outlets.

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