The cold and dry winters are nearly upon us. Soon, it will be too chilly to walk around barefoot. This is the perfect time to invest in a pair of sturdy but trendy flip flops. Winter is also beach season, and what can be nicer than a walk on the beach in some comfy flip flops?

The flip flops that you can buy today are no longer like the boring house slippers of the past. Many well-known footwear brands now offer fun quirky flip flops that look attractive and unique. They come with cushioned footbeds, soles with grip, flexible straps, and more. These flip flops are a little more expensive than the old slippers. But that is no reason to compromise on comfort for your feet. After all, you can now buy flip flops for men with an EMI card from Bajaj Finserv. Now that that is possible, why would you settle for cheap and uncomfortable options? Browse among the best brands and buy house slippers with the EMI card today.

  1. Nike flip flops for men: With a synthetic upper part and lining, Nike Chroma flip flops are ideal for daily use. Buy yourself a pair of Nike flip flops for men with the EMI card today.
  2. Puma flip flops for men: The soft and comfortable footbeds with neon highlights make these flip flops stand out. You can now buy Puma flip flops shoes on EMI from any outlet.
  3. Sparx flip flops for men: If bright urban colours are your thing, check out the collection of flip flops from Sparx. Buy Sparx flip flops with no-cost EMI and add a dash of style to your beach look.
  4. Adidas flip flops for men: The leather-finish Brizo line of flip flops from Adidas looks as classy as espadrilles. These are a little expensive but you need not fret. You can now buy Adidas flip flops with the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv today.
  5. United Colors of Benetton flip flops for men: The thick fabric uppers and canvas body make UCB flip flops easy to wear and walk around in. You can get United Colors of Benetton flip flops for men on EMI from any ecommerce site.
  6. Crocs flip flops for men: Made of croslite material, the Crocband range of flip flops from Crocs has tiny nubs on the footbed. These ensure better blood circulation in the feet.
  7. GAS flip flops for men: GAS Nadine flip flops come in an attractive red shade and have anti-slip outsoles. They are ideal for indoor use. You can buy flip flops from GAS with the EMI card now.
  8. Reebok flip flops for men: In these flip flops, the footbed is cushioned for maximum comfort. The grippy soles, made from rubber, ensure there is no slippage.
  9. Mufti flip flops for men: Available in funky colours and a pre-faded texture, Mufti’s range of flip flops give you a stylish grunge look.
  10. Woodland flip flops for men: These sturdy and no-nonsense flip flops from Woodland are good for heavy use and daily wear. They are both long-lasting and comfortable. You can buy Woodland flip flops with an EMI card from any outlet.

While flip flops by themselves are not too expensive, the bills can pile up if you are buying for the whole family. Moreover, you will be doing a lot of winter shopping too. So, it might be a better idea not to pay for your flip flops up front. Take the EMI route instead. You can easily apply for Bajaj Finserv’s EMI card. This gives you access to a pre-approved EMI loan at no extra cost or interest charge. You can even plan your repayment schedule as per your convenience. This is a terrific opportunity for you to grab some cool flip flops without worrying about the price.