Most people choose home loan offer from a lender without realizing that there are several added costs of home loans apart from the interest rate. There is the initial down payment that you have to make. However, added home loan charges include stamp duty, processing charges, legal fees. Without even realizing it, your home loan budget increases by a considerable account. This may put pressure on you in terms of paying your EMIs right from the start of your home loan.

If you are unprepared for this added expenditure and wish to ease the burden a little, you can count on the Bajaj Finserv’s 3 EMI holiday feature. You do not have to pay your EMIs for the first three months of your home loan and can enjoy the moving in process while the amount is adjusted over the rest of your home loan tenor. You will start paying EMIs from the 4th month onwards and this gives you ample time to get your monthly expenses and finances in order towards meeting all these additional costs.

There are several other benefits available with Bajaj Finserv Home Loan including home loan balance transfer, top-up loan up to Rs. 50 lakh, zero pre-payment charges, and online loan approval within 5 minutes.

Go ahead and take a home loan from Bajaj Finserv to buy your dream home without having to worry about added expenditure and a hefty monthly burden right from the start.

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