Are you paying a higher rate of interest on your home loan as compared to your friend or colleague? Instead of getting upset about the situation, you should focus on finding a solution that makes your home loan cheaper. A home loan involves a high amount of money and hence high interest rates can really burden your pocket.

There is a simple way to reduce your burden by lowering either the home loan tenor or your monthly EMI. You can opt for a home loan balance transfer to another lender at a lower rate of interest with minimal documentation and hassle. Transferring your existing home loan to another lender will help you save on interest costs.

A Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer offers a simple, convenient and swift way to transfer your existing loan within 48 hours. There are several advantages of home loan balance transfer at Bajaj Finserv. You can get instant approval within 5 minutes for home loans up to Rs.3 crore. There are pre-payment facilities available in tandem with zero foreclosure charges as well. You can also opt for a home loan balance transfer and top uploan option with Bajaj Finserv. Top-up loans over and above your existing home loan amount are offered to home loan balance transfer customers with minimal paperwork and fast processing. You can also avail the 3 EMI Holiday feature at Bajaj Finserv for maximum convenience.

Transfer your home loan to Bajaj Finserv at a low rate of interest and start saving right away!