As a small business owner, you’re bound to face a host of challenges-whether it is setting up your enterprise and getting it off the ground or expanding it. However, securing sufficient funds to make your small business a viable venture is most important.

Most businesses face a cash crunch at some time or the other and for any small business, access to capital can become a factor that makes or breaks their enterprise. Fortunately for you, there are a host of options that you can explore to get the financial backing that your business deserves.

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Take a look at 5 options that we recommend when you’re looking to raise cash for your business:


Crowdfunding means posting your business idea on a crowdfunding website and listing an amount of money that you would like to raise to start it. Then, investors, innovators and even a common man who is impressed by your proposal has the option to contribute monetarily. While some websites allow you to raise the amount within a fixed time period, others waive off this condition and let you use the amount of money you raise, even if it doesn’t match your initial goal. It is a great way to fund your business, but do read the fine print before listing your business to secure your interests.

Angel investors

Approaching angel investors is another way to fund your small business. They are always on the lookout to help small businesses get on their feet and your big idea could be just what they’re looking to work on next! They give small, exciting businesses access to funds in return for a share of equity. Unlike venture capitalists, they don’t always want to have a say in how the business should be run, thus giving you more control. Having said that, they can offer valuable insights and serve as a guiding force.

Loans from friends and family

Taking loans from friends and family is another idea, as they are more likely to be invested in seeing you grow from strength to strength. For a small business, this form of loan serves as a good starting point, but keep in mind flexible tenure and interest rates.

Credit Cards

Using a credit card to fund your small business may seem unusual but it can often be a supplementary source of capital. Applying for a credit card for your business is one way to tackle short cash flow gaps and everyday business expenses. In the long run, successfully using a credit card helps build a good credit score for your business, making you a good candidate for a business loan that you may want to apply for in the future.

Business Loans

A safe and easy way to raise cash or fund your small business through business loans. If you evaluate various business loans that institutions have to offer, you will understand that there are several that can suit your needs perfectly. You can customise business loans to raise an amount that is large or small, and choose a tenure that aligns with your business model. Most business loans offer credit without having to pledge collateral or nominating a guarantor, thereby reducing the financial burden considerably. With low rates of interest, pre-approved offers and ease of online transactions, signing up for a business loan is a great way to ensure that financing your small business doesn’t become a challenge.

Bajaj Finserv is one such institution that offers business loans that urge growth amongst small businesses. Apart from benefits such as low interest rates and processing fees, no requirement for collateral or guarantor and easy online transactions, they also offer Flexi Loans. With these, you can create a Flexi Loan Account where Baja Finserv will allocate a fixed amount of money to you. The advantage is that you only end up paying interest on the amount of money you actually use, and not the entire sum!

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