Small and medium size businesses when challenged with an unexpected financial obstacle, may not be completely prepared to provide a bank or financial institution with the additional security or collateral, in order to acquire a business loan. In such cases, a small business loan from Bajaj Finserv with no security and easy repayment options is possibly the best option forward.

Following a simple procedure online, you can apply for a small business loan that will go a long way to re-energise your business. Let’s take a closer look at the process:


The small business loans are devised for the following types of entities:

  • Limited Companies
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Partnership firms
  • Proprietorship firms
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Self Employed Non-Professionals
  • Other entities based on profile

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Documentation Requirement

You can Apply for small business loan or for a loan for business start up with the following documents:

  • Application form: Available online. Easy to fill and submit
  • Photograph of the applicant and co-applicant (if any)
  • Details of Income: Include the following
    1. Income Tax returns for the last 2 financial years
    2. Business Balance Sheet for the last 2 years with annexure
    3. Business Profit & Loss account for the last 2 years with annexure
    4. Form 16A for the last 2 years
  • Business bank account statement for the last 3 months
  • KYC [Know Your Customer] documents of the applicant and the co-applicant (if any). KYC includes scan copies of ID proof, address proof and PAN card
  • Details of business vintage of 5 years
  • In case of a practicing professional, a certificate of practice

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All you need to do to apply for business loans is the following:

  1. Log onto our website at
  2. Select the ‘business loans’ tab under ‘Our Products’
  3. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button highlighted in blue
  4. This will lead you to the online application form

Fill the online application and hit ‘Submit’ and let us guide you through the easy process and help you avail our collateral and guarantor free business loans.

At Bajaj Finserv we understand the difference immediate access to additional cash can make to a small business. With this in mind our small business loan application requirements are small yet precise enabling the business owner to concentrate on the business while we provide quick cash at competitive interest rated with flexi-options that enable the business to prepay the loan amount without any additional charges. With our EMI’s ranging from 12 months to 48 months, we provide you time to comfortably repay the loan in easy EMI payments.

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