Some people enjoy unwinding on a balcony with a cup of coffee. Many others prefer going out to party. They want loud music, a dance floor, and a whole lot of fun. But do you need to step out at all? What if you have an entertainment zone at home with all kinds of smart home gadgets?

Shiv and his friends failed to get a reservation at their favourite lounge bar. So, they shifted the party to Shiv’s house. Shiv has a ‘party zone’ at home, complete with smart home gadgets. The highlight of his bachelor pad is a top-end entertainment system. There is a fantastic LED TV, a powerful music system, loudspeakers, and a DVD player.

The only downside is this:

Shiv bought many of the gadgets via his credit card. The gadgets cost a lot, plus there is the credit card interest. So he is left with a substantial credit card debt. His house is great for parties, but his bank balance is not doing so well.

EMI Cards Provide An Easier Way

Bajaj Finserv offers an EMI card that could make things simpler. This is more a loan than a credit card. How do you get approval for a transaction? You just need to swipe the card while making the purchase. No need to wait a few days for an approval.

In fact, this is just one of the many benefits of EMI cards. Here are a few more:

  1. You can apply for one online or at Bajaj Finserv’s partner outlets. Just submit the relevant documents and voila. There is no elaborate application process.
  2. You can use the card to buy anything. All you need to do is step into Bajaj Finserv’s partner outlets
  3. Like credit and debit cards, you earn reward points on purchases made.
  4. You receive pre-approved offers from partner companies. Use these wisely to avail the best bargains

How to Make House Parties Fun with EMI Cards

You can set up at entertainment zone at home too. Better still, you can do it without straining your finances. One way is to keep a lookout for good offers. For example, Flipkart’s ‘The Big Billion Days’, Snapdeal’s ‘Unbox Diwali Sale’, Amazon’s ‘Great Indian Festival’ is a good option for bargain-hunters. You can buy a range of smart home gadgets using no-cost EMIs.

What are no-cost EMIs? They are EMIs that charge zero interest. Plus, there are no processing fees to pay. This can bring down costs considerably. Remember, interest charges on EMIs often range between 12% and 15%. You get to save a pretty sum on your big purchases.

Want to test it out? You may find sweet deals on TV sets on ‘No Cost EMI Day’. Choose from among big brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Philips. Maybe even pick up an air fryer if you enjoy cooking.

Summing Up

House parties are fun when you have your friends over. Throw in some games for home parties and you have the whole package. Your impressed guests can only guess at how you set it all up. So, enjoy the attention when they ask for your advice on how to make house parties fun.

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