You must have noticed a rise in the number of pathological labs in recent years. From the small towns to the cities, diagnostic centres have mushroomed everywhere. Healthcare has become more commercial and the buying power of the common man has gone up too. So, there has been a boom in the path lab sector. Many people are investing in diagnostic labs. If you intend to explore opportunities, you may want to read pointers below:

Things You Need for Setting Up a Medical Laboratory:

  1. Ideal Place: First, identify a property for starting a laboratory business. It should be a large space in a prime locality. It should be accessible to everyone. That would include the sick and the elderly. So, make sure your facility has ramps and elevators. The space should be able to house the diagnostic machines and the scanners. It should also be large enough to hold various departments.
  2. Committed Employees: You cannot run a diagnostics laboratory without good doctors, nurses, technicians, and office staff. So, be careful when you hire them. A doctor with an MD degree in radiology must head the clinical team. The other staff members must also be competent, qualified, and experienced. They should be able to handle the patients as well as the work stress. There is no room for human errors in a medical business. So, your team must be competent enough to rule out such possibilities.
  3. Secure Financing: You need a good funds source for starting your own lab . That could be a business loan for doctors or your savings. But the investment would be quite big. Buying or renting the location will cost a lot of money. Then comes buying the costly CT scanners, X-ray machines, and the like. This apart, you will also need to have a working capital. You have to pay the salaries, too. So, make sure you can afford all these. Only then can you successfully start and run a medical laboratory .
  4. Legal Registration: You must keep this part in mind while starting a research lab. You have to register your business and get a licence to run the place. You must renew the licence every year without fail. If there is any dispute with the registration or the licensing, your reputation may suffer beyond repair. It may even lead to the closure of the pathology lab.
  5. Standalone or franchise: Finally, do you want to start a standalone lab or take a franchise from an established brand? Both have their pros and cons. So, you must make an informed decision. For instance, if you open a franchise, you have to stick to a pre-fixed pricing pattern. You can only get the tests done from an existing list of options. If you open your own lab, you will have more freedom. But, it will take you longer to build the reputation.

In a nutshell

Setting up a laboratory could be an exciting business prospect. But, like all other businesses, here, too, you have to tread with caution. It is not difficult to run a clinical diagnostics laboratory. You job will become even simpler if you follow the guidelines. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind, and get set to open your own path lab.

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