Corporate India is witnessing a unique trend wherein employers are offering wellness programmes to keep their employees healthy and happy at work. These innovative ideas and creative ventures have reaped rich rewards like scaling down attrition rate and enhancing professional and leadership skills of employees.

Statistics indicate that 46% working Indian professionals are fully engaged as compared to their global counterparts. The global average of employee engagement stands at 30%.This data is a part of a recent report by Dale Carnegie Training.

In the last decade, workplace stress has escalated to alarming levels. Anxiety disorders, depression at work and demanding schedules have taken a toll on employees in the private sector. A recent study by ASSOCHAM titled ‘Preventive Healthcare: Impact from Corporate Sector’ which spanned 12,500 corporate employees from various sectors like KPOs, telecom etc indicates that 42.5% of corporate employees suffer from either depression or anxiety. It is no secret that stress has a negative impact on employee productivity levels.

In this backdrop then, organizations have to undertake key initiatives to boost employee engagement and empower them in different ways. Ensuring correct work allocation with realistic timelines, encouraging work-life balance, promoting employee wellness and implementing a positive work culture are some instances of what organizations can actually do to increase employee motivation.

Now many organizations are making a conscious effort to focus on facilitating work-life balance via a series of steps like countering personal and professional stress, facilitating health risk assessment, communicating ideas for a sedentary lifestyle and also a tailor-made weight loss program. Businesses want to know all about their employees’ lifestyle, what they eat, what stresses them, they sleep and what are their professional and personal goals.

At Bajaj Finserv, we go an extra mile by offering innovative ‘rejuvenate’ concept wherein employees are given help to beat professional and personal stress via 24×7 telephonic counseling services, personal counseling sessions and interactive sessions over the internet.

Health wellness concepts and programs have also captured Corporate India’s dashboards in a big way. Many of us are now offering focused programs on crucial health parameters like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. These programs are crafted with a team of medical experts and internal HR teams that offer lucrative incentives, to drive them. Weekly and monthly targets and health reports are being drawn up by the HR teams of organisations to monitor and assess activities and overall performance of varied departments and teams within an organization. In fact, now apps and health coaches track employees’ meals and identify necessary interventions for their health goals now.

Webinar sessions with health coaches and nutritionists on health topics and healthy cooking have also caught the fancy of many employers now. Customised health Apps too are making an ingress and significant impact in these wellness programs. Employees can now opt for an individual consultation session with a medical practitioner via voice/text message by just a click of a button.

But the fun does not stop here. Organisations are coming up with trendy ideas for in house competitions. These include everything from a calorie count challenge to an inter departmental selfie contest. The winners are promised attractive incentives and rewards like health cards, free medical consultation for their family etc.

At Bajaj Finserv, medical recommendations are taken rather seriously by the HR teams. Laughter yoga to beat work blues, desk to desk BP check, onsite spa therapy and eating right have been prime focus areas for employee engagement in wellness segments. Encouraging employees to recognize and choose recipes on low salt usage, low-fat food, less usage of oil and choosing healthy menu have always remained a priority, too.

The same ASSOCHAM study mentioned above points out that when it comes to corporate India, 23% employees suffer from obesity. Clearly, long hours of sitting at workstation, less exercise, dietary habits and other factors are taking a toll. Therefore, knocking off extra inches off the waist to being in top shape are key focus areas for almost all organizations these days. Morning walks, regulated healthy diet and restricting salt intake are some of the key segments in the wellness programs. In this vein, many organizations are offering gymnasiums within their premises to burn those extra calories while others are winning over their employees with rewards points as per the fitness levels to be credited to employees and to be redeemed in terms of health, wellness related products or gadgets. The corporate wellness mantra is here to stay because everyone knows a healthy and happy employee means a super successful organization!