Wall décor shelves are more than just a way to add style to your home interior design—they also provide tons of useful space to store and exhibit your collection of showpieces and souvenirs. Featuring mirror backings and hooks, these shelves are great for adding a unique look to any living space. For example, a simple wooden wall shelf with hooks in your home’s entryway or foyer can be used to hang visitors’ coats and jackets. On the other hand, elaborate corner shelves can be used expertly to utilize tricky spaces that are unfit for any other use.

A wall décor unit has many uses—they are both practical and attractive. Rather than blank walls, fascinate your guests with artful wall décor and make dual use of them as wall storage units when required. This not only adds to the ambience of your home, but also gives you more floor space that would otherwise be occupied by a chest of drawers or cupboards. Whether it is your living room or bedroom, kid’s room or kitchen, wall shelves can be a great way to save floor space and add some interest.

Types of modern wall shelves you can choose for home improvement

You can use any of the following types of wall shelves to create a stylish interior design:

  • Simple and Elegant

This type of wall shelves is best used for storage and display. It usually has space for storing books as well as displaying memorabilia. Easy to install and remove, this wall shelf is also good for regular cleaning. Get a set of 6 for around Rs.20,000 and above.

  • Wall Décor

Specifically used for displaying beautiful and often priceless pieces of art, wall décor focuses on enhancing the beauty of its contents in a subtle yet remarkable manner. A nice wall décor piece can start from Rs.15000.

  • Wall Décor Unit

A step further than the wall décor, this unit has extra space without compromising on the attractive nature of true wall décor. Created with a great attention to detail, this type of wall shelf is an art piece by itself. It costs around Rs.1.5 lakh and depends on which material you choose.

  • Wall Décor Shelf

Halfway between a singular wall décor and an entire unit, a décor shelf provides class and usability in equal measure. It can be used very efficiently in small spaces. Starts from Rs.500 per square feet.

  • Wall Storage Unit

Created mostly for storage, a wall storage unit can nonetheless be quite attractive as long as it is uncluttered. You can store a great number of possessions on it without giving the room an untidy look. Some wall storage units have glass doors or flaps to keep the contents stored inside safe. You can get a spacious wall storage unit for Rs.1.5 lakh.

  • Open Shelves

Partially similar to the wall storage unit, this type of shelf consumes less space and therefore holds less storage. It can, however, work very well in an area otherwise unfit for use, be it in the kitchen or the bathroom. A single double sided open shelf piece costs Rs.16500.

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