Equipment loans have emerged as a vital financial instrument for modern businesses. By providing funds to invest in modern machinery, it helps a business to stay technologically competent. These loans are tailor-made to address two critical aspects of a business – machinery and cash flow.

A steady cash flow helps a business grow in the marketplace. It helps in business expansion and also aids in mitigating the effects of liquidity crunch.

Let’s understand how an equipment machinery loan helps in enhancing cash flow.

Buying More Efficient Machinery

Modern businesses bank on shorter production cycles with increased efficiency. This improves the quality of service offerings, which adds to the goodwill of a business. An equipment loan can be used to buy efficient machines that:

  • Consume less energy
  • Make effective use of raw materials
  • Boost productivity
  • Can work for long hours without breakdown

Such machines help in saving running cost, which helps in improving cash flow to a large extent. Companies like Bajaj Finserv offers equipment loans as high as up to Rs. 30 lakhs so that businesses can purchase the best technologies available.


Businesses can also use an equipment loan to lease equipment. For example, seasonal agriculture-based industries can lease required machinery during the harvesting season.

Leasing saves businesses the cost of owing and maintaining machines on a permanent basis. This can use these savings in other areas of business to boost revenue.


Maintenance is a key aspect of seamless performance. Machines, both heavy and light, undergo constant wear and tear. Hence, it’s imperative to maintain them in top condition for best performance. A major breakdown may result in huge loss for a company.

Businesses can avail loans to buy high value spare parts and consumables for the maintenance of machines. It helps in saving cost by eliminating equipment downtime and machine inefficiencies.

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