There is little doubt that India is the right place to invest in. Unfortunately, in the recent past the interest rates on investments have been lowered drastically. If you are wondering where to invest your money for good returns in India, we have the answer.

First, you should understand that keeping idle money in your savings account will fetch you the lowest interest and hence will not aid the growth of your money. There are many investment schemes with high growth options based on tenor of the investment and your risk appetite. You will also need to consider the tax implication on the returns and the liquidity offered.

Here Are Some Of The Highest Rewarding Investments Which Will Help Your Money Grow:

Fixed Deposit:

A safe investment option, fixed deposits offer easy liquidity and high security for your money. You have the option of choosing the ideal deposit based on your requirements of long or medium term investments. You will need to pay close attention to the interest rates offered on FD by the financial Institutions, as the interest offered can vary significantly.

Mutual Funds:

With the stock market attracting foreign investments and the India growth story hitting the right notes, an investment in mid-cap and small-cap mutual funds seems relatively safe and can bring high returns on your investment. You will need to choose wisely to find the best mutual fund. An investment for the medium term to long term is likely to offer the best gains. You also have the option of choosing to invest in a SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, which helps build your portfolio over a period of time rather than all at once. This helps to shield your investment from market risks.

Company Fixed Deposits:

Various companies are offering fixed deposit schemes and some of these come with high interest returns. You will need to watch for the safety rating as these fixed deposits are based on the company that is offering the same. If you are open to low risk in the short to medium term, a company fixed deposit offers good growth for idle funds.

Equity Investments:

Investments in equity can yield good returns in the long term of about 10 years; however, it comes with high risks as there is no guarantee on the returns. You need to do some research before you pick the stocks to invest in. Ensure you are clear about which industries and sectors are doing well and then pick the specific stocks that are performing well with a view to the future.

Public Provident Fund:

A popular investment option in India for long term investments, the Public Provident Fund also offers tax benefits under section 80C. A PPF investment is best for long term investments or retirement planning and can also be used effectively to offset high risk investments. Contributions of up to Rs.1,50,000 per year do not attract tax; however, a higher investment although permitted can be made with tax paid income.

Peer to Peer Lending:

A relatively new investment option, peer to peer lending is getting a lot of visibility as it earns higher returns of up to 22% per annum. Here, a middleman arranges some investment options based on things like the term of investment you are looking for, your risk appetite, etc. According to your comfort, you can choose who you want to invest your money with. This option comes with high risks, but also offers high returns.

There are many investment options that offer higher returns compared to interest earned in a bank savings account. As an investor, you need to be clear on the amount of financial risk you are willing to take and the term of the investment. The safest investment is perhaps the fixed deposit as it sets your money aside for a fixed period, offers a higher rate of interest and provides easy liquidity. Try Bajaj Finance when you are looking for an easy way to invest in a high paying FD. The company offers a seamless online application process. As an added advantage you can access them directly though their 200+ physical locations all over the country.

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