The kurta is a very versatile outfit. It strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern, and can be worn at almost every occasion: at work, at a party, to a play or even a wedding. This makes kurtas an absolute must-have for everyone. And with many sellers now offering kurtas for women on no-cost EMI, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be going out to shop today.

That’s right! EMI cards, like the one offered by Bajaj Finserv, allow you to splurge on kurtas, kurtis, salwar suits and more! Simply visit a retail store, find the brand of your choice, and buy kurtis with no-cost EMI card. So, excited to buy gorgeous kurtis on EMI? This list of the 10 must-have styles of kurtas that you can buy.

  1. A-line Kurta: An A-line kurta has a fitted torso. It then flares from the waist to the calf or the ankle. Generally embellished with traditional motifs, these kurtas are perfect for semi-formal ethnic affairs. You can get an excellent selection of A-line kurtas from Aurelia on EMI.
  2. Anarkali Kurta: These are graceful and shaped like long summer frocks. They go best with churidars. The chiffon Anarkalis from Pakiza Design are excellent value for money. You can now buy them on no-cost EMI.
  3. Tail-cut Kurti: These kurtis have an asymmetrical design. They are short on one side and have a long tapering tail on the other. They look great with jeans and leggings. You can buy women’s Libas kurtis on EMI card and choose an amazing tail-cut look.
  4. Printed Kurti: These kurtis are available in innumerable designs. They range from the sombre to the funky lending a stylish unembellished look. They also double up as office wear. Your wardrobe should have many printed kurtis in different designs. You can now buy W brand printed kurti with EMI card.
  5. Straight Kurti: These are long and fitted to the body form. They make the wearer look tall and slender. Straight-fit, cotton kurtis offer the most comfort. The Jaipur Kurti brand offers a decent selection of straight kurtis. You can buy Jaipur Kurti on no-cost EMI from many online retailers.
  6. Dhoti-style Kurti: The flowing drapes of this garment covers up unflattering bulges. The dhoti-style design is so uncommon and daring that you are bound to stand out in the crowd wherever you go. You can get dhoti-style kurtis and matching leggings at Aks on EMI.
  7. Angrakha Kurta: These Mughal pattern kurtas are elegant in style. Because they draw attention to the upper part of the body, they are ideal for pear-shaped women. You can shop for Angrakha kurtas from Biba on no-cost EMI.
  8. Floor-length Kurta: These kurtas look somewhat like flared evening gowns. You can wear them without leg covers. They have a regal, sophisticated look and are wonderful for society functions. Gown-style kurtas in rich embroidered fabric are available at Odisha Bazaar on EMI.
  9. Front Panel Kurta: These have a panel of threadwork, mirrorwork, and other traditional motifs. The panel runs down the middle of the kurta’s front. You can buy sober and stylish front panel kurtas from Soch with EMI Card.
  10. Cut-sleeve kurtas: For a youthful look, buy sleeveless kurtas that flaunt your toned arms. Cut-sleeve kurtas are available in all designs from Mart Queen on no-cost EMI.

Shopping for so many kurtas could be expensive. Instead of paying for everything at once, you could try using the Bajaj Finserv’s no-cost EMI Card. This card gives you flexibility about tenure and EMI amount, at no extra cost. So, you can buy as many kurtis as you like without worrying about the price now!