If you’re planning to buy a useful gadget this festive season, then what better way to celebrate than purchasing one of the best smartphones in the market—the Samsung Note 5.

Not too sure what makes the Samsung Note 5 so special? Read on to know what makes this premium smartphone a must-buy, this season.

Sleek and Sexy

Though this reason is highly subjective, it’s undeniable that Samsung has been pushing the limits of phone design with its Galaxy series. The Samsung Note 5 boasts of delightful visual design with its elegant metal edges with its glass front and back, that feels as amazing as it looks.

Life in High Definition

Samsung’s Note 5 offers a camera that’s easily one of the best in the market. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll love the fact that the camera allows a number of advanced manual controls and RAW file support, a feature that tech-geeks have been seeking in Android devices. To ensure that you don’t miss those precious moments, Samsung has come up with an ingenious design which lets you conveniently launch the camera with a simple double-tap of the home button.

Get Creative with the S Pen

If you’ve already used and liked working with an S Pen before, you’ll relish the new features the S Pen offers with Samsung Note 5. The All new S Pen lets you write on the screen with the display still turned off. So now you can take a quick note on the go without wasting precious battery. Apart from taking notes you can also use the S Pen to create your own ecards, translate handwriting to typed texts, and even decorate your social-media post with interesting calligraphy and animation.

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No More Tangled Wires

Apart from supporting fast-cabled charging, the brand new Note 5 also supports the fast wireless charging technology which speeds up charging by 30 percent. Now you don’t need to deal with those entangled charging wires or bother yourself with using them altogether. Charge your smartphone wirelessly the fast and easy way.

Experience New Levels of Safety

With Samsung Note 5 featuring the state-of-art fingerprint scanning technology, your personal data is safer than ever. The new technology lets you set your fingerprint as the password to your phone lock, ensuring maximum safety even in case of phone theft.

These attractive features are sure to convince even the not-so-tech-savvy to buy the new Samsung Note 5. But if you’re wondering how to finance this high-end phone, then fret not, EMI finance on Samsung Note 5 is there to have your back. Buy Samsung Note 5 online with instant loan approval from Bajaj Finserv, and enjoy additional benefits like minimal documentation and part prepayment facility.

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