Indians have a strange infatuation with weddings that can’t be explained in mere words. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. The grandeur, frolic, and coming together of the entire family is something that cannot be recreated elsewhere. As a child and even a young adult, you might have gone to numerous weddings where everything seemed larger-than-life and intense.

What you probably didn’t realize was that tons of money and effort go into actually organising a successful wedding.

Here’s your guide to organising the perfect ceremony using a Personal Loan for a wedding.

What is Your Idea of a Perfect Wedding?

All of us are unique in our own way and have different likes and dislikes that shape our personality. What one person might find romantic and beautiful, might seem cheesy and over the top to another.

So, the first step in organising your dream wedding would be identifying your likes and dislikes and those of your partner. Collaborate with your partner to finalise a theme for the wedding and then focus on other minor details.

A well-planned approach will go a long way in making the entire process effortless and ultimately fulfilling. Things like the venue, the decorations, and the menu, need to be given extra attention on your part since they are major components of every Indian wedding. Here’s when the finance of it all plays an important part. Let’s look at why a Personal Loan is a great way to fund the biggest day of your life.

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A Personal Loan for Wedding Expenses

It’s no secret that weddings can leave a gaping hole in your finances. Obviously, arranging large amounts of cash to meet all the wedding expenses is not always possible. A Personal Loan can come to your rescue in such cases. Financiers like Bajaj Finserv give wings to your dream of having a fairy-tale wedding with their Personal Loan options. Look for loans that offer features like part prepayment facility and online account access.

Wondering what makes a Personal Loan the ideal choice for funding your wedding celebration? Here are some benefits specific to a Personal Loan:

  1. Don’t wait for ages to get your loan application approved. A Personal Loan offers instant online approval, so you don’t even have to step out of the room. Convenient, right?
  2. Weddings involve a lot of work and taking a loan only adds to the pressure. But with Personal Loans, you don’t have to worry about mortgages or collateral.
  3. You can easily procure a Personal Loan of up to INR 25 lakhs, giving you plenty of moolah to have the wedding you always dreamed of.

Even though a Personal Loan offers plenty of advantages, remember to keep a check on the expenses and make it a point of not going over your budget. You can always go online to check if you are eligible for a Personal Loan and figure out how much you can apply for. Institutions like Bajaj Finserv look into eligibility by asking you to answer a few simple questions on their website. All from the comfort of your home, you can apply for the funds you need for your dream wedding. You might also want to look into a Personal Loan for wedding rings since the overall expenses might be too much to allow you to buy a beautiful ring for your partner.

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