Jhelum and Kaushik were having a rough time. Their son Ishan was all set to start his college in Edinburgh. Jhelum wanted to go and settle him down in the campus, and Kaushik had wanted to go on a tour of Europe afterwards. They had planned for a six-week vacation. But, the security agency they usually used had folded. They were not comfortable with the idea of leaving the house unwatched. And, there was hardly enough time to find a new agency they could trust.

In fact, their neighbours, the Guptas, had been subject to a burglary. This was despite having 24-hour security on their premises. It was right ahead of Navratri that Mrs Gupta had come home from her ladies’ club meeting. To her horror, all the jewellery, silverware, and cash were gone. The police are still on the case. But, it is indisputable that security had failed or had been weak.

Jhelum and Kaushik had been going back and forth on the issue. They did not want to go away for a month and a half, leaving it all in the hands of someone they were not sure about. But, they did not want to postpone this trip of a lifetime that the two of them had planned. That’s when a solution emerged in the form of My Home Insurance.

Know the facts

My Home Insurance All Risk policy is an insurance to protect your home. On the one hand, there is protection from physical damage and destruction. This policy protects the physical structure of your home and its contents. It safeguards from the risk of fire and natural calamities. It also guards against burglary.

When they say contents of your home, the policy includes a range of things. The coverage extends to valuables and jewellery, works of art, curios and paintings. Electronic equipment, portable equipment and others also come within its fold.

Benefits of the policy

In the event of an unfortunate calamity, your house and the things that make a house a home are all protected. It protects from a range of calamities, from fire to burglary. If that’s not enough, you can always customize. Opt for add-ons to ensure total protection. The premium is affordable and there are attractive rebates too.

Are you eligible?

Yes, is the probable answer! Your house must be less than 30 years old. And it must not be a ‘kutcha’ construction, that is, have walls and/or roofs made of wood. You could live in a flat, in an apartment complex or in an independent house. It doesn’t matter. You can buy this insurance policy for your building and/or contents. Do you have to be the home-owner to buy this policy? No! Any tenant, or non-owner of a residential structure, can insure the contents. The only criterion is that the buyer lives in the same residential structure. In simple terms, you can always buy a My Home Insurance policy for your home, whether you own it or not! The list of contents protected remains the same.

For more details on the product, please read the product sales brochure and rider brochure (wherever applicable) carefully.