It is a very special occasion for the Patels. Their daughter Amita is getting married. Mr Patel had exhausted his funds in making the preparations. But the road still seemed long. His wife suggested taking a Personal Loan to meet the deficit. The idea took root and Mr Patel applied for a marriage loan. The loan was sanctioned and the wedding went as planned. They were happy to see their daughter start a new life.

Weddings are always heavy on the pocket. But with a marriage loan, the entire experience becomes easier. Let us see how Mr Patel availed a Personal Loan for his daughter’s wedding. If you are exploring the options, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Plan for the expected costs

The first step Mr Patel took was to chalk out the expected cost of the wedding. He jotted down the various expenses under different heads. When planning for a marriage loan, this is the primary step. You must know what your expected expenditure would be like.

Step 2: Assess your savings

Mr Patel then assessed his total savings. After writing down the expected cost, the next step is to know how much savings you have. Subtract your savings from the expected expenditure. This gives you an idea of the shortfall. Take a Personal Loan only to cover the deficit.

Step 3: Explore personal loan options

How do you get a low interest rate Personal Loan? There are a slew of Personal Loans available in the market. So, you must explore the various options. Look up the terms and conditions. Research thoroughly. This will help you to get a Personal Loan at the best rate of interest.

Step 4: Apply for a personal loan

This is the last step. You need to go through a few things here. Before availing the loan, this is what Mr Patel did:

The loan was finally approved and he received the funds in two days. The entire process took him a few days. Taking a Personal Loan for a wedding is actually that easy. Here is a quick list of the documents required when you apply for the loan:

  • Your identity and address proof
  • Your occupation and income proof
  • Bank statements

You too can avail marriage loans for planning a beautiful wedding for yourself or for your children.

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