It all begins with an idea. A thought. A tangential view of the way things are currently being done. That is the spirit of an entrepreneur. As times change, it is imperative that business ideas stay in sync with the needs of the changing society. Thinking a few steps ahead is what can make innovative entrepreneurial ventures a success.

Let’s look at the Top 10 business ideas for 2017:

The Indian Caravan – House on wheels

Yes. This is a western concept, primarily seen in movies. However, they let you travel without worrying about paying for expensive hotel rooms, they are usually filled with semi-luxurious amenities and are customizable to match your requirements. ‘Tiny houses’, as they are more popularly known, are yet to catch up in India and that is what makes it a unique new-age business idea.

Healthy food trucks

Imagine walking down your apartment to be greeted by a food truck selling organic and healthy bites. People are hard-pressed for time and are also getting increasingly health-conscious. A healthy food truck caters to both these needs apart from cutting down on fixed establishment costs. The current trends in the food and beverage industry highlights the need for such a business in the near future.

Ask and you shall receive

Indians are working harder than before and juggling between their jobs, family, school/college, socializing and hobby classes leaves them with no time to do their mundane chores. People complain about not having time and that seems to be a problem for majority of the working population. Every problem is an opportunity for business. Providing quick delivery service is a business that will always be in demand. While many companies have realised this and have started same day delivery services, there is always a scope for improvement. This is a smart business idea with a small investment and can fetch a good revenue in the long run.

Let’s get virtual

Every time there is a major development in technology, there are newer possibilities of business ideas, waiting to be explored. Virtual Reality, helps people immerse themselves in a virtual world using a pair of goggles and appropriate hardware. This is a relatively new fact of modern technology and depending on your abilities, you can exploit this market by getting into programming new games and software, help businesses create virtual experiences for prospective customers or merely have a website that updates people about new games and software in the Virtual Reality segment.

Lease a website

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, web developers have been around creating websites for businesses. Those days are gone now. Web developers have evolved and found a newer way of doing business. They now create several websites at a time for a certain segment. Customizable versions of each site are then leased/rented out to businesses. The businesses pay monthly for a website the developer maintains.

High quality / Organic pet food

This is an interesting segment that has a lot of promise. Nowadays, pet-owners are very careful about what they feed their pets. As they are getting health conscious, they want to extend the benefits of eating healthy food to their pets too. That is a huge opportunity for an entrepreneur. Once you know that you want to establish a business on these lines, then you can create diet plans, meal plans or customisable menus for pets with ailments or allergies.

Blogging & Content Generating News, Media & Publishing Platforms

Millions of websites, billions of viewers and gazillions of content; that is the internet today. However, due to increased digitalization, every website is trying to create unique and interesting content to attract viewers. Content will always be in demand and if you have the requisite experience or skills in the field of writing, then offering a blog posting service can definitely be a lucrative business option. Else, getting a team of skilled writers can help you propel yourself into the heart of the content business.

Influencer Marketing

Since the advent of social media, marketing has seen a change. Influencers, or people who are active on social media platforms and are continuously interacting with people regarding select topic and/or hobbies, have changed the way products/services are marketed online. While there are many influencers available today across various domains, the influencer marketing domain is still in its nascent stages and is begging for a creative thought.

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