OPPO F3 and OPPO F5 were launched just months apart in India, and at first glance, they can seem pretty similar. Though the two mobiles resemble each other in many ways, pay close attention and you will find key differences. Take a look at how they fare when compared to each other.


Both the OPPO F3 and OPPO F5 have almost identical display sizes. In fact, it is very hard to tell them apart because while the OPPO F3 has a display of 5.5 inches, its successor, the OPPO F5, offers a marginal improvement at 6 inches.

Sleek, Slim and Lightweight

The OPPO F3 weighs a mere 153g while the OPPO F5 weighs slightly less at just 152g. Even their heights and thicknesses are nearly identical. The OPPO F3 has a length of 153.3mm, while the OPPO F5 is 156.5mm long. If you’re worried about thickness, don’t be, for both phones are incredibly slim. The OPPO F3 has a thickness of just 7.3mm and the F5 follows it closely with a thickness of 7.5mm. In fact, in this regard, the differences are nearly unnoticeable.

Touchscreen and pixel density

Both the F3 and F5 have multi-touch capacitive touch screens, and the pixel density doesn’t vary greatly either. The former OPPO model measures at 400 pixels per inch while the latter measures at 402 pixels per inch. Unless you have a very discerning eye, it’s hard to detect the subtle difference.

Fingerprint and Other Sensors

The F3 and F5 OPPO mobile phones both come with superior security measures. The OPPO F3 has a fingerprint sensor to help you unlock your device more easily. On the other hand, the OPPO F5 has a facial recognition sensor that unlocks your phone. Both smartphones have light, proximity, accelerometer, and compass sensors.

However, both the OPPO F3 and the OPPO F5 are poles apart in other ways. Read on to find out how.


What fans of the OPPO F3 love is its dual front-facing camera that comes with an extra-wide lens to take group selfies. The OPPO F5, on the other hand, has a beautification technology that accentuates facial features and contours to enhance your selfies.

While the OPPO F5 has a 20MP camera in the front and a 16MP camera at the back, the OPPO F3 has a 16MP as well as an 8MP camera in the front itself. Moreover, the F3 delivers an image resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels and its F5 counterpart has a resolution of 4616 x 3464 pixels.

With an equal aperture setting of f/2.0, both the OPPO F3 and the OPPO F5 boast of cameras that have touch to focus, digital zoom, auto flash and face detection features. They also have continuous and high dynamic range shooting modes along with video recording abilities of 1920×1080, at 30 frames per second.

Storage Capacity and Performance

Both phones offer 64GB of internal storage. Additionally, their performance is enabled by 4GB RAM and an Octa-core processor. The OPPO F5, however, promises 40% increased performance while lowering energy consumption and has one model with a 6GB RAM.

Expandable Memory and Operating System

The OPPO F3 has an expandable memory of up to 128 GB and the OPPO F5 has an expandable memory of up to 256 GB, which is double of the former. Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) software runs on the OPPO F3, whereas the F5 uses Android v7.1 (Nougat) software.

Visual Appeal

While the OPPO F3 seems like a secure phone to handle with just one hand, the OPPO F5 goes a step ahead. The ‘selfie expert’ handles even better and comes with a scratch-free coating.

While the OPPO F3 offers high-performance and good-quality camera at Rs.19,990, the OPPO F5 offers enhanced features of its F3 counterpart at a marginally higher price of Rs.24,990.  No matter which one you pick, you can make your purchase more affordable by shopping at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Enjoy discounts, No-Cost EMIs, same day delivery and lots more.

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