How to Find the Best Washing Machine?

How to Find the Best Washing Machine?

There are many types of washing machines available in the market today, and finding the best washing machine depends entirely on your needs. There are two main kind of washing machines: front loading and top loading and these are further classified as fully automatic (may be front or top loaders) and semi-automatic (usually only top loaders).

Should you go for a Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

A semi-automatic washing machine requires you to manually transfer your clothes from the main tub into the dryer. Though this takes effort and requires you to plan your time accordingly, it offers two benefits:

  1. It helps save power, if you don’t want to dry your clothes in the washing machine
  2. It is cheaper than a fully automatic washing machine

Of course, a full-automatic washing machine is much more convenient, and doesn’t need you to remember to take the clothes out and put them in the dryer.

Once you’ve made up your mind about which you prefer, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What Should you Consider Before Purchasing a Washing Machine?

  • The size of your family and how many clothes you need to wash either every day or once in two or three days. Choose a washing machine that is big enough to accommodate the load.
  • The machine’s ease of use. Does it need constant supervision? Or it allows you to press one button and forget it until the washing cycle is complete?
  • Your budget; since there are a lot of choices and options out there, it is easy to find a washing machine that fits your wallet.
  • Energy and water conservation. How much water does it need per wash cycle? And does it save power?
  • Size of the machine. Is the machine sleek and easy to handle? Or does it need lot of space and is cumbersome?

Bearing these criteria in mind, you can look for the perfect washing machine for yourself. If you think your choice is leaning towards more expensive models, don’t worry. Just buy the right washing machine from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

Giving you all the convenience of online shopping along with No-Cost EMI, you can get your chosen washing machine delivered to your house within 24 hours! You can also enjoy a seamless shopping experience with minimal documentation too. Get your washing machine on EMI and experience the comfort of an advanced washing machine.

Let’s move to the final question.

How to Choose Between Front Loading Washing Machines and Top Loading Washing Machines?

Top loading washing machines are usually of two types: high efficiency top load machines and conventional top load machines.

Benefits of Conventional Top Load Machines:

  • They’re easy to use! Just drop in your clothes or soft furnishings and turn it on.
  • Their short wash cycles give you required results quicker.
  • They have minimal vibration so you don’t have to worry about flooring or space.
  • They don’t have complicated wash cycles for you to key in carefully.

What Conventional Top Load Machines don’t do:

  • They can’t handle too many clothes at once.
  • They don’t give you many customisations in wash cycles.
  • They may not clean clothes or linen that have too many set-in stains.
  • They may not help you conserve water.

What are the Pros of High Efficiency Top Load Machines?

  • The high efficiency machines have done away with the centre agitator rod so there’s no more bashing of your clothes. Instead there is a gentle tumbling of your clothes.
  • They can handle more laundry than conventional ones.
  • They use half the water in comparison to conventional top loading machines.

Next, let’s consider front loading washing machines.

Benefits of Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • Clothes are gently tumbled around for a cleaner wash.
  • They require a lot less water compared to top loading machines.
  • They require less energy to heat, spin and wash your clothes.
  • They have a larger washing capacity and can make room for bulky bed linen too.
  • They do not entangle your clothes so you can add in your delicates without a worry!
  • They may feature a steam cycle to remove tough stains.

Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • They may be more expensive that top loading machines.
  • They may vibrate a lot during the spin cycle and need you install reinforced flooring.
  • They may require more cleaning of odours and detergent trapped inside.

Now that you have the finer details of both front and top loading washing machines, it’s time to choose what’s right for you. Some of the brands worth considering include LG, IFB and Samsung.


And that’s not all. You can get your favourite smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, ACs, refrigerators, microwaves, and everything else on No-Cost EMI at Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.


5 Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Grow Faster

5 Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Grow Faster

From hiring talented employees to planning your business finances well in advance, here are smart business growth strategies to fuel expansion.

Growth is the goal of every business owner and this is when timeline matters a great deal. A business that grows fast is better able to harness market opportunities and create revenue. On the other hand, a business that takes time to evolve loses out on income. However, fast growth requires a defined strategy and a timely infusion of funds.

Here are 5 smart strategies that can help your small business grow faster:

  • Understand Your USP and Make the most of it

    1. Now that your business is at its growth stage, you have a better idea of what your unique selling point is as compared to when you were launching your business.
    2. Ensure that you capitalise on this, since goods with a USP not only have a higher demand, but can also be retailed at higher profits.
    3. Think of ways to ramp up production as well as the marketing of your USP to facilitate faster growth.
  • Learn From Your Competition

    1. Competition is what keeps you on your feet, so learn from your competitors’ success and failures.
    2. Modify your offerings and your pricing based on what your competition is doing and what is garnering good results in the market.
    3. Keep an eye on the new consumer segments or selling ideas of your competitors and emulate their best practices for faster growth.
    4. Whether it is improving your packaging, offering seasonal discounts, selling online or targeting millennials, the most cost-effective and market-tested way to know if an idea works is by studying your competition and learning from their example.
  • Hire Talented Employees

    1. Employees are integral to any organisation. The smaller your business, the more importance you should give your staff, as they directly affect overall productivity.
    2. When it comes to driving growth, you cannot do it alone. Thus, hire skilled employees and motivate them to work hard.
    3. Offer incentives based on achieving sales targets, converting new customers or getting to a certain production number, and you’ll see your business grow faster and more efficiently.
    4. Ensure that your employment process is flawless. Hire based on past experience, recommendations and a positive attitude towards growth.
  • Plan Your Financing

    1. Your growth plan may include the acquisition of new machinery, hiring a new team or shifting to a bigger commercial complex. All of this requires financing.
    2. Identify the best source of finance for various needs and be informed about Small Business Loans, their eligibility criteria, interest rates, application process, etc.
    3. There are various customised loans for the needs of small businesses, so choose your external finance with care. For example, if you seek to raise funds for purchase of equipment, a machinery loan may be the right choice. Alternatively, if you aim to raise finance for working capital, you can opt for a working capital loan.
    4. Ensure that you don’t overestimate or underestimate your financial needs, and have a repayment plan in place. If you are unsure of your growth needs, consider taking a business line of credit instead of a term loan.
  • Choose Between Diversification and Market Penetration

    1. You may have a lot of good ideas to achieve business growth, but doing too many things at once may lead to more confusion than concrete results.
    2. If you are choosing to diversify, focus on market research and get that absolutely right. If you are looking to penetrate the market, ensure that it has the demand for the product you plan to sell.
    3. Since both these moves require a lot of planning, strategy and focus, it is not advisable to do both. Instead, choose one major growth strategy at a time and strive to achieve success.

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Account for financial outlays right when you are devising your growth strategy so that all your plans can be carried out effectively. Use a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv to fuel your business’ growth. This loan goes up to Rs. 30 lakh, and features simple eligibility criteria, flexible tenor options, easy online application, plus a competitive rate of interest. With options like Machinery Loans, Working Capital Loans and Line of Credit, Bajaj Finserv gives small businesses like yours a chance to pursue growth without compromising on funds.

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5 Financial Resolutions For 2018

7 Easy Ways to Teach your Child Money Discipline

Instilling sound financial sense in your child is a necessity in today’s world. It is the only way to ensure that they learn to make prudent financial decisions, and lead a disciplined and rewarding life.  However, teaching children about the importance and value of money can be difficult. Here are some simple tips on how you can ready your child for a financially-secure future.

fd apply

7 Ways to Make your Child Money-conscious:

1.      Offer a Fixed Amount of Monthly Pocket Money

Managing personal finances, regardless of how limited they are, is a very powerful tool to learn the value of money. Giving your children pocket money helps them learn how to handle money, keep track of their expenses, learn the importance of steady income, and prioritize their needs.

2.      Bargain and Research in Front of Them

Teach your children the importance of comparing prices and quality before making purchases. Talk about the various offers with vendors, or browse different online sellers before finalizing your product. This will teach them the value of a disciplined buying process.

3.      Ask for Their Inputs When Making Household Decisions

You children must be able to weigh all options before making a financial decision regarding household responsibilities. Teach them this with a simple trip to a grocery store. Make a list of supplies you need for home, and have them select the right products. Make them count and provide the right amount of money to the cashier. This can help them understand what it means to run a household and prepare them better for the future.

4.      Teach them the Importance of Savings

Savings are important in all phases of life. The sooner your children learn to save, the better their future can be. If they want something, for example a toy, ask them to save the money from their allowance, and buy it themselves. This will teach them patience and financial discipline.

5.      Make them Understand the Difference Between Needs and Wants

Children should know how to differentiate between a necessity and a luxury. This may be a tough life lesson to learn, but the one everyone should be aware of. If your children understand this early, it could prevent them from making big mistakes in the future.

6.      Offer them Some Kind of Reward System

Feeling like you earned something is much more satisfying that simply getting everything you want. Offer your children fun incentives to do their work—like cooking on their own on weekends to get extra TV time—and help them realize that this is how the outside world works.

7.      Strive to Become Good Role Models

Children try to copy their elders. Unless you take an active interest in your own financial management, they will never understand the true importance of money discipline. Today, you can choose among various investment options—like public provident fund, mutual fund, direct equity or share purchase, real Estate, investing in gold, and fixed deposits—to create a balanced and profitable portfolio. Carry out your research thoroughly, and make a well-informed decision that you can proudly explain to your children in the future.

Teaching your child money discipline is easy if you practice it yourself. Rather than making financial management feel complicated and time-consuming, teach your children how to be goal-oriented and plan finances to meet these goals. Ensure that they learn the importance of investing early, and show them by your example.

Know FD Interest Rates Invest in Fixed Deposit

7 Easy Ways to Teach your Child Money Discipline

5 Financial Resolutions for 2018

Since the year-end is a time for reflection, take some time to welcome 2018 with a well-defined financial plan. As a part of your New Year’s resolution, be sure to check whether your savings are on par with the investment options you have considered. If not, it may be a good idea to make certain changes in your investment portfolio.

In 2018, take some of the following financial resolutions that have proven to deliver significant results:

5 Resolutions for a Better Financial Future:

1.      Consider New-age Investment Options:

Traditional saving tools may not always be the best investment avenues. Even if they offer fixed returns and corpus guarantees, they are only recommended for short-term investments. If you use them over the long term, traditional investment options might prove ineffectual for financial growth.

Taking calculated risks is necessary if you want to save enough for long-term goals like retirement. These options, like mutual funds, are what will offer greater returns through compounding. It is important to think about creating wealth, rather than preserving capital. For example, investing in equity funds for a 10-year period can provide significantly-higher returns as compared to traditional options like a Public Provident Fund.

2.      Prepare a Road Map:

Start 2018 by determining how you will achieve your specific goals. You will have to think about factors like:

  • The time left for achieving a particular goal
  • The inflation-adjusted amount you will need to earn
  • The monthly savings that will help you attain the goal

Best FD Rates

Your children’s education and your own retirement should assume top priority when you create an investment roadmap. Mapping your goals can help provide for your children and yourself in a tangible manner. It allows you to focus on selecting the right instruments so you can benefit in a given time frame. Goal-mapping also saves you from losing money due to market volatility. One of the best ways to do this is through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). They can be used to create a portfolio that caters to your individual goals. Through SIPs, you can opt for aggressive growth of funds, or choose stable returns, based on your preference.

3.      Boost your Investments:

Choosing the right investment option is only the start. It is more important to increase your savings every year, according to your income growth. For example, if you are considering gold investment in any form, you have to ensure that it increases by at least 10% per year for the next 25 years. This makes a remarkable difference in your retirement income and guarantees a tidy sum of money for incidentals.

4.      Understand How to Save Tax:

Not utilizing every tax-saving option available to you may lead to loss of thousands of rupees per year. This is money that could have been invested systematically towards the achievement of life goals. In 2018, make a resolution to stay updated on all the taxation norms, specifically those that affect your savings. For example, if you invest in Equity Linked Saving Schemes, you can create long-term wealth and save tax under Section 80C. There are many such options to explore, most of which offer tax benefits.

5.      Invest in Fixed Deposits:

Fixed deposits (FDs) deserve to be a part of every investor’s portfolio. They offer a great combination of safety, stability, and good returns. Fixed deposit interest rates are much higher than savings account interest rates, which usually provide just 4% interest on your money. FDs provide a flexible tenor up to 60 months and an online FD calculator for precise and easy estimation of returns. You can also choose between a cumulative or non-cumulative fixed deposit, depending on whether you require periodic returns. A fixed deposit is an excellent all-around option for all types of investors.

Make 2018 a year of healthy, profitable decisions by opting for a Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance. As one of your five financial resolutions invest in an FD that offers the best interest rates, along with an online account management facility and minimum documentation needs.

Know FD Interest Rates                                       Invest in Fixed Deposit

Why a home loan balance transfer can work wonders for you

Why a Home Loan Balance Transfer Works Best For You

A home loan balance transfer occurs when a borrower with an existing home loan transfers the loan to a different lender. You can choose to transfer your home loan because of numerous reasons. Normally, this is done by borrowers in case they find the high interest rates of their existing lender too high to continue with. Though there are numerous advantages of home loan balance transfer, it can be a stressful process. So maintain a high level of caution and proceed carefully.

Tips To Make A Home Loan Balance Transfer Work in Your Favour

The success of a home loan transfer depends on numerous factors. Take these factors into consideration to benefit from your home loan refinancing.

  1. Do Your Research: Conduct an extensive research on the various lenders out there and the interest rates that they offer. You are sure to find many deals, so be sure to choose the lender who offers the lowest interest rate. Apart from low interest, choose lenders who offer favourable terms and incentives on loan transfers.
  2. Ensure You Have Money To Pay For Interim Security: When performing a transfer, it is natural for a lender to want security to protect its interests. Hence, certain lenders may ask for an interim security to be transferred to them during the transfer process from the old lender to the new lender. Though this payment is usually refundable, it is important for you to make financial provisions required for paying for this security deposit.
  3. Collect All Your Important Documents: After choosing a lender, your next move should be proceeding with the application procedure. This may require multiple documents. Organize and collate all your important documents like the loan sanction letter, present loan agreement, address proofs, identity proofs, photographs, stamp duty and registration of your property, IT returns, etc. Remember that you will need all the documents needed to apply for a fresh loan.
  4. Get Ready For The Lender To Verify All Details: Once all the essential documents have been submitted, the new lender will perform a verification of all your details including your credit score. It is important that you prepare for this inspection and clear the verification tests of your lender.
  5. Make Sure You Get All The Appropriate Approvals: Once you are through with the formalities of the new application, it is important to get the approvals of both your old lender and your new lender. Submit a formal application of loan transfer with your existing lender and get a consent letter or no objection certificate regarding your transfer. Then make sure the new lender gives you the approval.
  6. Collect and Sign Your Loan Agreement: You new lender will give you a draft of your new loan agreement, which you will need to sign. Then you will receive a formal letter that sanctions the loan. Keep the agreement and the loan sanction letter carefully with you for future reference.
  7. Make Sure The Property Documents Are Transferred: Once you get the application of transfer done, your existing lender will need to transfer important property documents to the new lender. This is an important step, and you should make sure that your documents do not get misplaced during the process.
  8. Pay The Balance And Confirm The Same With Your Existing Lender: Based on when you transfer the loan, you will need to pay off any balance dues to your old lender. Before you move to the new lender, ensure that you have paid whatever is owed and that you have a receipt to prove it.
  9. Do Not Agree To A Longer Repayment Tenor With The New Lender: Even at a lower interest, increasing the tenor drags out the EMIs and makes you end up paying more interest. Try to repay your new home loan quicker, and since reduced interest leads to reduced EMIs, you can actually do this without breaking a sweat.
  10. Make Sure You’re Aware of The Cost of The Transfer: Balance transfer usually includes not only a processing fee and stamp duty but also legal and technical charges, valuation and verification fees, etc. Your existing lender may also levy a penalty. Make sure there are no hidden costs and you know exactly what you are paying. Then see if doing the transfer still saves you money.
  11. Find Out If The New Home Loan Interest Rate Is Based on MCLR: Due to the recent economic scenario, the MCLR rate is low. Since the RBI has asked lenders to revise their home loan interest rates based on MCLR, new borrowers stand to gain a lot. During your balance transfer, find out if the new lender’s interest rate is based on this lending system—and also find out how much the interest will increase in the next year. This will ensure that you not only pay a low interest rate but are also prepared for the future.
  12. Enquire About A Top up Loan: Doing a balance transfer may also give you access to a cheap top up loan that you can use for a reason of your choosing. With low interest and long repayment tenor, this can be of great help to you. Make sure your new lender offers you a good top up loan down the line by enquiring about it when you make the transfer.

Do a Balance Transfer with a trustworthy company like Bajaj Finserv, which offers low interest rates of about 8.35% (limited period offer) and benefits like flexible repayment and a top up loan that can come in handy when you need additional finances.

Transfer your Home Loan Online Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Home Loan MCLR for a Better Deal

Thinking of a Home Loan? Consider MCLR for a Better Deal

Sanket Chandra had taken a Home Loan to buy a house near his office. But gradually, he realised that the interest rates were too high and he was paying more interest than his colleague, Sahil Jha.

Sahil had taken a similar loan, yet seemed quite relaxed about his loan repayment. Sanket, on the other hand, found it hard to make ends meet. Sanket wanted to find out the key differentiator. He finally asked Sahil.

Sahil told him that this was because he opted for an MCLR-based Home Loan. Sanket, meanwhile, remained on a base rate-based loan.

So, what is the difference? Let’s find out.

What is MCLR?

MCLR stands for the Marginal Cost of Funds-based Lending Rate. The MCLR is the new benchmark interest rate for Home Loans set by the RBI for lenders. It is usually dependent on the Marginal Cost of Funds; the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), lenders’ operational costs, and tenor premium (which is an extra charge that lenders charge for longer loans).

How is MCLR Different from Base rate ?

The MLCR is based on the current cost of funds. For example, ABC Bank lends money from depositors, the RBI and other banks. Deposit rates are now lower than it was at the same time last year. Even the rate at which banks lend from the RBI or each other is lower. This means the ‘cost of funds’ is lower for ABC Bank. Thus, its MCLR is lower too.

Base rates, meanwhile, are based on the average cost of funds over a period of time, say a quarter. So, this way, the Base rate does not fluctuate as much. It, thus, may not be reflect the falling interest rates immediately.

A home taken on the MLCR can, thus, be cheaper than a Home Loan taken on the Base rate.

Thinking of a Home Loan? Consider MCLR for a better deal

How is it Beneficial for the Borrowers?

MCLR is profitable as it transfers the change in the repo rate almost immediately. This means, your Home Loan costs can fall easily when the market interest rates fall. This means, your EMIs can fall too, easing your financial burden. This can then improve your credit score. This makes it a transparent and more efficient option as compared to a Base rate system.

Here are few things you need to know as you consider the MCLR for your Home Loan:

    • Linked to the Floating Interest Rate

Every time you apply for a loan, your lender would offer you two options – fixed interest rate or floating interest rate. If you choose fixed, you get a fixed interest rate for the entire tenure. However, if you choose a floating interest rate, your interests get influenced by the changes in the market. MCLR affects the floating interest rates. These include Home Loans, Loan against property and Business loans. However, if you opt for a fixed rate loan, then you can refinance your loan after a certain time to avail a lower interest rate.

    • Reset Clauses Differ from Lender to Lender

According to the RBI guidelines, all the financial institutions need to submit different MCLR rates for different tenures. This includes overnight, one month, three months, six months, one year, two years, and three years. These are the reset clauses and depend on the tenure of the loan. This ensures your loan interest amount is revised after the given period. For example, if you have a loan with a tenure of 15 years and your lender has a reset clause of one year; your interest rate could be revised every year.

    • EMIs Can Remain Unchanged

If in an MCLR Home Loan, your interest rate changes, your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) can remain unchanged. In this case, the change impacts the tenure of the Home Loan and not the amount of EMIs. Then, you pay off more of your principal amount in every EMI. This leads to a lower tenure. It, thus, helps you reduce your total interest cost. However, this is not a rule. You can opt to change your EMI as per the new interest rate. This means, your tenure will remain the same.

    • Portability to MCLR

If you already have a Home Loan with the base rate interest, you need not worry. You can always switch to MCLR by paying a fee to the lender. This fee is usually nominal, as compared to the benefit of the MCLR system. Calculate the new interest charges and fees before you switch. Ensure it is less than your present interest rate.

Home Loans can be quite a burden for anyone. But you can ease this burden if you choose your Home Loan wisely. With the introduction of the MCLR, borrowers can now benefit from every change in the repo rate that the RBI makes.

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This Diwali, make everything affordable with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

This Diwali, make everything affordable with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

Ajay Verma, 31, was an HR professional living in Mumbai. His sister Varsha, 27, had just been offered a job with a multinational corporation (MNC) and had moved to Gurgaon. They were speaking on the phone one evening when Varsha complained about the steep prices of electronics and furniture she needed to set up her rented apartment.

A new sofa for the living room, new furnishings for the bedroom, a television set, a washing machine, and a microwave oven were the basics that Varsha wanted to get for her new home. While she had a credit card, the interest that would potentially accumulate on all these purchases would be more than she could afford. This is when Ajay suggested she get herself a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Card works like a pre-approved loan, Ajay explained. With the card, Varsha could access the EMI Network for almost everything she needed. What’s more, the EMI Card came with minimal down payment, no hidden charges, and most importantly, payments on easy EMIs – which meant no more exorbitant interest. She could also choose the tenor most suitable to her and repay the cost on her own terms. This way, she wouldn’t have to worry about immediate payments or worry about exceeding her budget.

Varsha went to her nearest electronics store and applied for an EMI Card while purchasing a large screen smart TV. While she got her favourite brand new TV, she also got an EMI Card to shop for luxurious furniture and latest home appliances. This helped her set up her new apartment just like she wanted to!

What’s more, she learnt that she could even buy furniture, clothes, groceries, and even plan holidays on easy EMIs. She could even avail some exciting offers and promotions on her favourite products!

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EMI Finance – The Way to Pay

Bajaj Finserv EMI Finance offers loans of up to Rs.3 lakh for the purchase of your favourite products, instant approvals, minimal documentation, and pre-approved offers. The EMI Card works like a pre-approved loan in your wallet, letting you buy consumer durables, digital products, lifestyle products, clothes and accessories, and more on easy EMIs.

With more than 1 million products across a network of more than 30,000 stores in 900+ cities, 7 million+ members have chosen Bajaj Finserv EMI Network as the way to pay.

Bajaj Finserv has collaborated with the top brands. For appliances, you can shop from brands such as Samsung Mobile, LG Electronics, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Lloyd Electric and Godrej. Meanwhile, @Home, Lifestyle Home Centre, Evok, Hometown, Urban Ladder offer a range of lifestyle and home products.

Exclusive Offers!

Apart from heavy discounts on products and deals, you can also win prizes.

  • Highest spenders across the 30-day period stand a chance to win 12 cars
  • For the highest spenders of the day, there are 68 bikes to be won
  • The next set of highest spenders of the day can win up to 615 gold vouchers.
  • If you’re a new customer, you can avail exciting offers such as foreign travel vouchers and discount e-vouchers from MakeMyTrip.

Think it. Done with Bajaj Finserv

To get access to these fabulous deals and prizes, you don’t have to be a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card holder. You can check your pre-approved limit and start making the most of the special offers this festive season.

Now is good a time to start shopping and fulfil your festive wishlist. Check your pre-approved limit and make the most of offers and promotions this Diwali!

Unlock your pre-approved offer Check out the best deals

Win cars, bikes, and gold vouchers when you shop with Bajaj Finserv

Win cars, bikes, and gold vouchers when you shop with Bajaj Finserv

The festival of lights is getting closer by the day, which means it’s time to begin shopping as soon as possible. Whether it’s new clothes for the whole family or a home upgrade with brand new furniture and electronics; buying your spouse the latest phone or gifting your parents the LED TV they’ve always wanted, here’s your chance to shop to your heart’s content—without feeling the financial pinch. Bajaj Finserv’s Sparkling Diwali offer brings you everything you’ve wanted to get this festive season at exclusive discounts.

With over one million products from 50 different categories to choose from, available at more than 43,000 partner stores across 950 + cities across the country, this is a whole new reason to celebrate. And what’s more, you can start shopping even if you don’t currently own an EMI Card.

Simply discover your pre-approved EMI limit and start saving while you shop.

Here’s all you need to know about Bajaj Finserv’s Sparkling Diwali offer:

  • Offer valid on everything you could wish for: You can opt for No Cost EMI on smartphones, apparel, furniture, LED TVs, refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, laptops, and much more, all available at great discounts.
  • Brands that you’ll love: Apart from renowned appliance providers like Samsung Mobile, Sony, Vivo, LG Electronics, Oppo, Whirlpool, Lloyd Electric, Godrej, and Panasonic, Bajaj Finserv has also collaborated with lifestyle brands like Urban Ladder, Lifestyle Home Centre, Evok, Hometown, and @Home to bring you the best shopping experience ever!
  • Visit the retail store of your choice: You can browse for your favourite products across more than 50 categories at 43,000+ partner stores.
  • No need to have a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card: Between the 21st of September to the 20th of October, you can avail any of the offers within a pre-approved limit, even without an EMI Card! Just check your pre-approved limit and get started.!
  • Prizes galore: There are also tons of prizes to be won! Here are some spectacular rewards for you:
  1. 12 cars for the highest spenders during the 30-day period
  2. 68 bikes for the highest-spending business owners on a daily basis
  3. 615 gold vouchers for the highest-spending business owners on a daily basis
  4. Up to 100% cashback on LG LED TVs
  • New customers rejoice! If you are a new customer, Bajaj Finserv welcomes you with open arms and even more rewards:
  1. MakeMyTrip foreign travel voucher up to Rs.70,000 for the highest weekly spender during the event
  2. MakeMyTrip assured discount e-vouchers during the event

This Diwali, make your shopping both fun and satisfying with India’s fastest growing EMI network. Begin your celebrations today by checking out the latest deals on gadgets, electronics, furniture, apparel, and more. Think it. Done with Bajaj Finserv.

Unlock your pre-approved offer Think it. Done

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