Seven Reasons to Open a Fixed Deposit Today

Seven reasons to open a Fixed Deposit today

Are you looking to invest your extra earnings for the long-term with minimum risk? Consider investing in fixed deposits. A popular investment option in India, a fixed deposit can increase your investment with good interest for the long term. We’re sure the elders in your family have advised you to invest in FDs as there are several benefits of FD account. Here are our top reasons to invest in fixed deposits:

Your investment is protected:

Unlike mutual funds or stock market investments, there are no risks attached to fixed deposits. A fixed deposit is probably the most secure financial investment you can make since the principal amount is guaranteed. When your FD matures, you will get the principal amount as well as the interest earned as per the fixed deposit interest rates during the tenure of your deposit. 

Brings assured returns:

Fixed deposits are great when you want fixed and assured returns. When you deposit your money into a fixed deposit with a bank or an NBFC, you get an accurate idea of the returns you will get when the deposit matures. Once you lock into the deposit, the lender is liable to pay you on maturity the returns as per the fixed deposit interest rates agreed upon at the beginning of the tenure. Fixed deposit interest rates are higher in comparison to those offered on savings accounts. Thus, investing in a fixed deposit is a lucrative option for helping your money grow. Keep in mind that fixed deposit interest rates vary as per the tenure of your deposit.

Comes with a variety of tenure options:

When it comes to FDs, you can choose a tenure as per your liking. Lenders such as Bajaj Finance, offer FD tenures ranging from 12 to 60 months. When selecting the fixed deposit tenure, make sure you take into account your financial needs and goals. Many banks offer the highest fixed deposit interest rates for deposits with a duration of a year.

Is easy to redeem:

If you are in need of funds, you have the option to break your fixed deposit before maturity. However, while it is easy to redeem your fixed deposit, such a move prior to maturity will attract a penalty. This penalty could be 50 to 100 basis points lower in comparison to the contracted fixed deposit interest rate.

Can be used as collateral:

Are you looking to apply for a secured loan? You can pledge your fixed deposit as collateral. Lenders may lend you up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount. Secured loans have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans. And since the loan is offered in the form of an overdraft, your fixed deposit will continue to earn you interest. A fixed deposit can also make things easier for you when you apply for a credit card. Some credit cards secured by FDs can bring you considerably lower interest rates.

Not affected by markets:

Fixed deposit interest rates are not affected by market rate fluctuations. Whether there is a fall or decline in the rate, your deposit will continue to earn returns at the fixed deposit interest rate offered by the lender till the end of the tenure. Thus, a fall in the fixed deposit interest rates before maturity of your deposit will not lower your returns. Similarly, a hike in the fixed deposit interest rates before maturity will not increase your returns.

Can financially secure your retirement:

A fixed deposit can be a good option for senior citizens to invest money and earn better returns. If you are more than 60 years old, then you may qualify for higher fixed deposit interest rates. For example, Bajaj Finance offers returns at an additional 0.25% interest rate above the prescribed fixed deposit interest rates.

Bajaj Finance offers fixed deposit interest rates of 8.05% with an additional interest for senior citizens. Start your investment with just Rs.25,000!

Invest in FD @8.05% High Interest Rate

How Safe Is Your Fixed Deposit Investment?

How safe is your Fixed Deposit investment?

We put a considerable part of our earnings into savings. Many of us seek to invest our savings and opt for a fixed deposit investment. They are generally considered fairly low-risk investments, and people are not worried about losing their money when they invest their hard-earned savings. However, it is common to have fears and doubts that come in the way of prudent investments. If you are worried about what happens to your FD when a bank or lender is unstable or if it becomes insolvent, here’s all you need to know:

Your deposits are safe:

When you open an FD in a bank, the money in your fixed deposit account is safe. This is due to effective regulation by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Regardless of what happens to your bank, the RBI has made deposit insurance compulsory for all banks. However if you invest in company FD or an FD with an NBFC, your deposit is subject to some risk. You can mitigate the risk by checking the agency security ratings of your FDs and only invest in FD schemes that are rated high on stability and security to protect your investment.

What you need to know about bank deposit insurance:

No matter what happens to your bank—whether it shuts down, gets liquidated or is merged with another bank—your money is protected. Each fixed deposit account holder is insured up to 1 lakh rupees.

Which lender is the safest option?

Banks in India fall under different categories such as private sector, public sector, co-operative banks, and even foreign banks. All of these banks offer fixed deposit investments. Secondly, all banks in India, regardless of sector, are covered by the deposit insurance. Therefore, it is impossible to quantify banks as safe or unsafe as they are all equal when it comes to protecting your investment.

What if your investment is more than Rs.1 lakh?

The maximum amount of money you are insured for is Rs.1 lakh per fixed deposit account. Even if your fixed deposit investment is in different branches of the same bank, it is totalled for the purpose of insurance, and capped at Rs.1 lakh. However, you can increase your deposit insurance cover by opening your fixed deposit account in different banks. As the money is separate, the deposit insurance applies individually.

Diversify your portfolio with a Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance

If you want to diversify your deposits, Bajaj Finance is an option you should consider for several reasons. Bajaj Finance offers some of the most competitive interest rates when it comes to fixed deposit accounts. For one, you do not have to settle for a low interest rate, when you could earn as high as 8.05%. When interest rates fluctuate, dropping one day and rising on another, investors look for security, and choose fixed deposit investments, as it is not volatile. Secondly, a fixed deposit account is not dependent on the market. It is steady and stable. It remains risk free even if the economy is unstable or the market is fluctuating.

A fixed deposit account is essential for your portfolio. Wise investors diversify their investments, dabbling in low and high-risk options. However, a fixed deposit investment remains a consistent favourite for augmenting savings. Several generations have looked upon fixed deposits favourably, as their money is safe, and yields a high rate of interest over a period of time. Lastly, a fixed deposit investment with Bajaj Finance greatly benefits senior citizens, who can even invest their life’s savings without facing a risk. They are permitted an additional rate of interest, as much as 0.25% more than the average interest.

Calculate FD Maturity Amount

Why You and Your Family Should Know About the Various Modes of Holding an FD

Why you and your family should know about the various modes of holding an FD?

A very large population of Indians have invested in an FD at least once in their lives for secured and fixed returns. As most investors know, a fixed deposit may be opened jointly with another person or with a nomination facility—or even without either of the two. The mode of holding a FD affects the disbursal of returns on the maturity of the FD in case of the death of a FD holder. So FD account holders should be aware of the options available to ensure that their family is not hassled in the event of their death in the future.

Modes of holding an FD:

  1. Joint holding with ‘Anyone or Survivor’ option: In this mode of FD holding, if any of the joint holders pass away, the survivor is easily able to claim the deposit. The survivor needs to submit the death certificate with the lender so that the name of the deceased person is removed from the fixed deposit. This helps in continuing the FD as normal in survivor’s name without any issues. It is thus considered the best and most convenient mode of opening a fixed deposit.
  1. Joint holding with ‘joint holding’ option: Such fixed deposits are started in joint names, and the signatures of both the joint holders are required to claim the maturity amount. So in case either of the joint holders passes away before maturity then the surviving holder can continue his single claim on deposit by depositing required documents with the bank. In case both the joint holders pass away then the rights of nominee are activated.
  1. Single holding with ‘nomination’ option: FD account holders can assign nominees to their deposit. So if the depositor dies before maturity then the nominee can claim his or her rights over maturity proceeds as a trustee. The trustee will then need to honour the will or succession certificate made by the depositor, if any.
  1. Single holding without ‘nomination’ option: In this case, to claim maturity proceeds, the family members needs to produce the required documents such as legal heir proof, succession certificate, etc. Hence, claiming maturity proceeds on event of death under this mode of holding becomes a very complicated and lengthy process.

Documents Required to Claim the Maturity Proceeds:

Here the list of documents that are generally required to claim the maturity proceeds:

When there is a nominee or joint holder:

  • Claim form: This is the simple format prescribed by lenders that you can use if you are the nominee, inform the lender that the FD holder has passed away and that you being the nominee are claiming the maturity amount.
  • Death certificate: A death certificate issued by local authorities needs to be presented to the lender
  • Proof of address and ID proof: Proof of address and photo ID proof needs to be submitted by nominee or joint holder as well.

When there is no nominee assigned:

  • Succession certificate from legal heirs
  • Indemnity bond as per a format provided by lenders

Continuation or Withdrawal of FD:

It is the option of the nominee to continue or withdraw the fixed deposit. No penalty is charged by the lender in this case even where there is pre-maturity withdrawal of funds.


The maturity proceeds received by the nominee or legal heirs is not taxable; however, if any interest is also received then this it taxable in the hands of the recipient and will be added to the total income of the recipient.

Invest in one of the best-fixed deposit schemes in the market by Bajaj Finance Limited with a minimum deposit of Rs.25000, while enjoying good rates of 8.05% and more. Bajaj Finance allows you to open a fixed deposit in single or joint names with an option of adding nomination in both the cases. To know more, click here.

Invest in FD @8.05% High Interest Rate

3 types of Professional Loans Offered in India

3 types of Professional Loans offered in India

Suresh Krishna and Ramesh Mohan were best friends. Suresh was a doctor while Ramesh was an engineer. Though their careers took off on the right note, both were looking to expand their work.

While Suresh wanted to open his own clinic, Ramesh was looking to start his own consultancy firm. Needless to say, both their ventures required a considerable capital which they lacked. Once, over a cup of coffee both friends were discussing their financial dilemma when they chanced upon professional loans available in the market. To their delight, each found a loan for their requirements and happily fulfilled their dreams.

Did you know that there are specially designed professional loans available in India? If you are a professional, whether salaried or self-employed, you can avail of these loans for furthering your career. Let us see the types of professional loans available in India:

  1. Loan for Doctors

These loans are designed specifically for doctors. Suresh found his answer in a doctor loan and availed one for his requirements. These loans allow medical practitioners to expand their scope of practice. Here are the salient features of the loan:

  • Loans for doctors are allowed only to doctors who are working in a Government or a private hospital or a clinic.
  • There is a minimum income criterion and doctors fulfilling this income criterion can avail a doctor loan.
  • These loans are collateral-free loans. You don’t have to pledge or mortgage any type of security for availing the loan. Moreover, no guarantor is required for the loan.
  • You would have to submit relevant documents to avail the loan. These documents include qualification certificates establishing that you are a qualified doctor, income proofs, bank statements, identity proof and address proof.
  1. Loan for Engineers

This loan is specially designed for engineers so that they can expand their scope of business or practice. These loans also have some salient features which are as follows:

  • Loans to engineers might be offered as term loans or as a line of credit. In the case of term loans, a specific loan amount is given for a specified tenure and the interest is charged on the entire loan amount. In the case of line of credit, however, a credit limit is allowed to borrowers. You would be charged interest only on the amount of loan you withdraw. These loans are thus, more flexible and affordable.
  • These loans are often allowed as pre-approved loans where considerable financing can be availed.
  • Some banks and non-banking finance company (NBFCs) require a security to be pledged to avail an engineer loan. However, there are some lenders, like Bajaj Finserv, which offer this loan without requiring any collateral security or guarantor.
  • Any self-employed or consultant engineer can avail this loan. Moreover, some lenders also allow engineer loans to salaried engineers.
  • A minimum work experience is required. This means that the engineer looking for this loan should have worked as an engineer for a minimum number of years after graduation before applying for a loan.
  1. Loan for Chartered Accountants

Another professional loan is a loan designed for chartered accountants. These loans are allowed to self-employed practicing chartered accountants. Those chartered accountants who are salaried and working in a private or a Government company as a Chartered Accountant can also avail this. Here are some of the features of this loan:

  • Loan for chartered accountants is offered both as secured loans as well as unsecured loans. If you have any security to pledge as collateral, go for secured loans for a lower rate of interest. However, if you do not have any security to pledge, opt for an unsecured loan. Though the interest rate would be a tad bit higher, the loan would be easily processed.
  • In this loan too, you, as a CA should have a sufficient work experience working as a CA either in your own firm or with any company. Only then would you qualify for the loan. Fresh CAs with no experience might not be able to apply for the loan.
  • Your educational qualification establishing you as a CA is important to apply for the loan.

Suresh and Ramesh found one loan each, what about you? Whether you are a CA, a doctor or an engineer, there is a professional loan designed just for you. These loans provide you with sufficient funds to further your career. So, find a loan meant for you and take your career to new heights.

Home Loan Airline Voucher

Bajaj finserv Home Loan flash sale: an exciting offer you cannot ignore

If you are planning to buy a home, then this is the perfect time to apply for a Home Loan as Bajaj Finserv is back with a special Home Loan Flash Sale. This limited period offer will last from 16th May to 22nd May and help you achieve the elusive milestone of buying your dream home.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or wish to transfer your existing Home Loan’s balance amount to enjoy the benefits of lower interest rates, Bajaj Finserv has a pretty awesome Home Loan offer for you. You can apply for a Home Loan or transfer of your existing Home Loan, anytime from 16th May to 22nd May and avail of the fantastic offer lined up especially for you.

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Bajaj Finserv has come up with an amazing offer on Home Loans:

If you opt for a Home Loan amount of Rs.30 lakh and above, you will get an Airline voucher worth Rs.15,000 and if you apply for a Home Loan amount of Rs.20 lakh to Rs.29.99 lakh, you will get an Airline voucher of Rs.10,000.

But remember, you need to apply for a Home Loan from Bajaj Finserv between 16th May to 22nd May to avail this offer.

Best Home Loan features

Buying a home is one of the most important decision in your life, and you should take extreme care when it comes to applying for a Home Loan as you don’t want a loan that puts unnecessary strain on your finances. And that’s a good enough reason to opt for a Home Loan from Bajaj Finserv.

Bajaj Finserv Home Loan comes with a number of handy benefits like instant approval, which means your application will be processed and approved within 5 minutes. The loan also comes with benefits like 3 EMI free months, so that you get some time to divert your funds towards setting up your home and plan your finances better.

If that hasn’t convinced you, wait till you hear about some of the other customer-friendly features offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Easy Approval and Disbursal

Bajaj Finserv lets you apply for a Home Loan online without leaving the comfort of your home or office. If you fit the Home Loan Eligibility Criteria, your loan will be approved within 5 minutes and their representative will get in touch with shortly after that.

Also, if you have used your own funds to purchase a house in the last 12 months, then you can opt for the refinance option offered by Bajaj and avail a loan amount that’s less than or equivalent to the registered value of your property.

Transform Your Home to the Home of Your Dreams

When you’re buying a new home, you don’t just think about the cost of the house, but also the home improvement charges. For example, you might want to repaint the entire house or buy some new furniture. Bajaj Finserv understands these needs and hence offers a customer-friendly Home Loan deal. So, if you’re buying a ready-to-move-in property, you can also get an additional amount which can be used for home improvement. This saves you from the trouble of applying for another personal or home improvement loan.

This amazing offer is valid only from 16th May to 22nd May, so hurry before it’s too late!

Apply for Home Loan Online Check your Home Loan Eligibility

Do You Know All the Advantages of a Fixed Deposit Account?

Do you know all the advantages of a Fixed Deposit account?

Yes, you read that right—a fixed deposit account will actually make your money work for you, and that means you can earn interest on the money that is parked in the fixed deposit account. But there are many more advantages to an FD account as detailed below:

FD Account Benefits:

Rate of Interest:

While most saving account holders are used to 4% interest, some banks offer as much as 6% with the condition that account holder maintains a higher minimum balance at all times. However, the FD account benefits include a much higher rate of interest on your deposit compared to a saving account.

No change in the interest rate:

 In a fixed deposit, the interest rate as well as the deposit amount is fixed at the time of opening of the fixed deposit account. Any fluctuation in the rate of interest will not affect the fixed deposit, which has already been finalised at the time of opening the deposit. 

Safety of your investment:

A fixed deposit account while offering a high return is also a safer investment option compared to the share market or the money market. Additionally, the FD also provides confirmed earning through interest.

Encourages saving:

A fixed deposit account makes it imperative for the account holder to set money aside for the agreed period of time, thereby encouraging the account holder to save money. With an FD you can start small and increase your investment portfolio as your income permits.

Clarity of return:

 When you invest in a fixed deposit you are already made aware of the returns that are expected from the FD account. There are also FD calculators online, which will calculate the maturity value of your investment based on the information provided at the time of opening the FD account. So there is no confusion or disappointment.

Helps to set money aside:

A fixed deposit is a great way to keep profits from business or work aside for a rainy day for when you need the additional cash. In the meantime you can enjoy the benefits of a reasonable return on your investment.

Interest when you need it:

With a fixed deposit, you have the option of cashing in the interest as per your preference, ranging from monthly, quarterly, yearly or on maturity of the fixed deposit. This will help you to manage your cash flows better while ensuring your money is earning a return.

No limits:

There are no limits on the number of fixed deposit accounts an investor can open. So you can open one each for every one of your financial goals!

A fixed deposit provides flexibility and allows you the option of choosing an investment option from 7 days to 10 years.

Allows withdrawal:

The money deposited in a fixed deposit account can be quickly withdrawn when the need arises. In case of a medical emergency, a marriage or a business loss your money is available to you at short notice.

Loan against FD:

When you are in need of additional funds for a short time, you can also borrow money against the existing fixed deposits held by you. This way you will also not face any loss in interest from the fixed deposit.   

 Higher interest for senior citizens:

Retired? Senior citizens are offered a higher rate of interest on their deposit, which will help their live savings to provide a higher return.

For the best deals on Fixed Deposits consider Bajaj Finance Limited. They have a simple online application process, require limited documents and provide good interest rates. And with over 200 offices across India, they are easy to reach in any city.

Invest in FD @8.05% High Interest Rate

Best Tips on How to Use Chartered Accountant Loan to Your Benefit

Best tips on how to use Chartered Accountant Loan to your benefit

After working in a multi-national company as a Chartered Accountant (CA) for more than a decade, Rajesh Gupta wanted to set up his own CA firm. He was a very well-known chartered accountant. However, he was starting from scratch and needed everything, from an office space to a team of employees, to set up his firm.

He was a financially responsible person and enjoyed a healthy credit score. This helped him in getting a professional loan for chartered accountants very easily. With the help of the loan, Mr Gupta was able to set up his firm in an effortless manner.

As a chartered accountant if you are also looking to enhance your professional career, consider taking a chartered accountant loan. The loan can help you out in many ways. Here are a few tips on how to use it for your benefit.

Chartered accountant loan

A chartered accountant loan is a modified personal loan. This means that it is a loan that is similar in structure to a personal loan but is available at lower interest rates. CAs are seen as reliable and financially responsible clients. And to honour this, the lenders offer them loans at cheap interest rates. The loans are unsecured and you do not need a guarantor or collateral to get a chartered accountant loan.

Uses of a chartered accountant loan

So what exactly can you do with the loan amount? Let us take a look.

  1. Property costs: You may have to rent or buy a commercial property to set your CA firm in. You can use a portion of the loan money to pay for the advance rent or the downpayment of the property. If you are converting an available space in your house into an office, you may still need some money to refurbish and decorate the place to make it a suitable office space.
  2. Registration fees: Before you set up your own firm, you might need to get it registered. The registration costs can be considerably high and the chartered accountant loan might surely help you in it as well.
  3. Buying equipment: Next, you may need to buy some office equipment such as computers, photocopy machines, etc to set the business up. You might also need some basic furniture items like desks and chairs for your new office. You can utilise the loan amount for these needs.
  4. Hire a team: You can decide to hire a team of employees yourself, or you can decide to hire a consultancy firm to do the job for you. In both the cases, you may have to keep a sum of money aside for it. Be meticulous in this step to ensure you have the best team in your organisation.

The combined skill sets of your employees can bring in profits as well as reputation to your CA firm.

  1. Fund a course: If you think of doing an educational course, you can take a chartered accountant loan to pay for it. Whether it is a week-long certification or a 2-year-long diploma, you enhance your professional skills, You can use the loan money to pay for the tickets, the accommodation fees and of course, the tuition fees.

Make a chartered accountant loan work in your favour:

Now that you know the many beneficial uses of a chartered accountant loan, you can use it to take your career to the next step. However, make sure you draft a budget before you apply for the chartered accountant loan. This may help you in understanding exactly how much you need to borrow. You may be eligible for a higher amount, but borrow only as much as you need.

If you borrow excessively, you may find it difficult to repay the loan later on. Also choose a suitable EMI structure so that there are no hiccups in the repayment process. Speak to your lender and try to negotiate the loan interest rate so that you get the loan at the most affordable price.

To sum it up:

The professional loan for chartered accountants can help you out in multiple ways. The loan is available online and you can make a quick and hassle free application in a matter of minutes. You can apply for a chartered accountant loan online without any further delay. This can help you start your own business or enhance your career as a CA further. The loans from Bajaj Finserv have been designed in such a way that you can get the maximum benefits out of them at the most economic costs possible.

Apply for a Chartered Accountant Loan

Why personal loan calculators are a borrower’s best friends

Why Personal Loan calculators are a borrower’s best friends

Modern day finance and funding has completely transformed the experience of borrowers like you—giving you access to information, resources and tools that bring convenience right to your fingertips. With online application, sanction and repayment, Personal Loans have become an easy financing option for individuals looking to use the money for a wide array of uses. Be it for family weddings, a medical requirement, home repair or renovation, travel or a family vacation, Personal Loans may be used as per your choice and needs.

Apart from going online and visiting the website of your chosen lender to get pertinent information on Personal Loan fees & charges, interest rates and features, one golden rule every borrower should follow before taking a Personal Loan is getting the calculation right. And these days, you can utilize a vast array of user-friendly digital tools to make calculating Personal Loans EMIs a comfortable experience, rather than struggling with the mathematics and formulas yourself.

You can start by using a Personal Loan eligibility calculator to determine whether you qualify for a loan before you apply. And once you know that you are eligible, you can use the Personal Loan EMI calculator to see how your repayment can take place, if you can afford it and when tenor you should use. And if you decide to opt for Line of Credit, you can even use a line of credit calculator to decide how your EMIs should be planned. All this helps in keeping you informed about your Personal Loan choices and makes calculation a breeze.

Measure Your Personal Loan Details with Ease and Efficiency

Here are a few simple tips about Personal Loan calculators to help you make an informed choice:

  1. Save Time and Effort—Just Check if You Qualify for the Loan Online

A Personal Loan eligibility calculator is the perfect tool to determine whether you are entitled to a loan. All you need to do is input a few of your basic details. Add in your date of birth, where you live, company name, annual salary, and your combined monthly loan EMIs coupled with combined outstanding credit. Also mention if you’ve taken a home loan. The calculator will take care of the rest for you. It is designed to help you understand the total loan available to you based on your details as well as the lender’s requirements.

  1. Sit Back and Relax While an Online Calculator Determines Your EMI’s

With the help of a Personal Loan EMI calculator, you can accurately figure out the exact amount of money you need to set aside for loan repayment per month. The calculator follows a pre-set formula that requires a few details about your loan—just enter your loan amount (in lacs), the loan tenor (in months), and rate of interest you chose. Within seconds, the calculator will tell you exactly how much your monthly EMI comes down to. For example, if your loan amount is Rs. 10 lacs, the tenure is 36 months, and the rate of interest is 14%, your EMI will come to Rs. 34,178 per month.

  1. Organize Your Financial Data In An Efficient Manner

The Line of Credit option is a Personal Loan that offers you a credit line during which you have the benefit of interest payment only on the funds you’ve actually used. You can choose to part pre-pay as many times as you want, without being charged for it. You don’t have to pay for drawdown withdrawal either. One of the biggest reasons Line of Credit makes a lot of sense is that you have the facility to convert to term loan if you think that’s better suited to your needs. The line of credit calculator thus helps you calculate your EMI based on the interest and loan amount with premium, so you can be better prepared during repayment even before you choose to apply for it. You can experiment with it here:

Eligibility and EMI calculators are handy tools for every Personal Loan borrower, helping bring more clarity to your financial planning. These tools are simply some of the features that Bajaj Finserv offers to its Personal Loan borrowers. To see the features and other benefits of opting for a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finserv, please visit:

Apply for Personal Loan Online     Check your Personal Loan Eligibility

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