As the New Year beckons, it promises amazing vacations and travel to new lands. But there is one important thing you need to fulfil your travel dreams – a good set of travel bags.

Travel bags may sound like a minor detail in the larger scheme of things. For starts, they keep your belongings in place in a strange land.  But a good travel bag does not come cheap. Which makes te option of buying travel bags on EMIs such a lifesaver.

Choose a sturdy and stylish bag that is not only durable but also matches your personality. Many big brands now offer trendy and fashionable travel bags that are reliable and easy to use. Plus, you can buy luggage bags on no-cost EMIs using the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv. You can even buy suitcases on EMIs from the best brands as well as travel trolley bags with the EMI card.

Travel fashion is split by gender. For a feminine look, pick up small and dainty pastel-coloured travel bags. Or, you could buy men’s travel bags on EMI. These come in earthier colours and with sharply defined contours.

Picking out a nice travel bag can stress you out before your relaxing vacation or important business trip. To avoid that, choose the most suitable travel bag for you from the list below. Remember, you can buy on EMIs. So price is not an issue.

  1. Cabin-sized travel bags from American Tourister: It is so boring to wait for ages to pick up your luggage from the conveyor belt. It is far more convenient to fit everything inside a bag you can carry with you in the cabin. Are you travelling for a weekend trip with hardly any luggage? You should buy cabin-sized travel bags on EMIs from American Tourister or Tommy Hilfiger.
  2. Laptop bags from Roadster: Be it a vacation or business trip, you refuse to leave your laptop behind. You carry your machine with you at all times. That means you need a strong but fashionable laptop bag. Get yourself a laptop bag from a brand like Roadster or Reebok. Laptop bags from Nike or Puma offer higher quality but are a little pricey. This is why you should shop for laptop bags only with your EMI card.
  3. Expandable travel bags from United Colors of Benetton: Expandable bags are very convenient. They take up hardly any storage space. Besides, they can fit in an enormous amount of luggage. If you are an infrequent traveller, an expandable bag from UCB would be a good choice. You can buy expandable luggage bags on no-cost EMIs using your Bajaj Finserv EMI card.
  4. Strolley travel bags from Safari: Do not try to lift heavy luggage. Instead, just wheel around a strolley. Strolleys are comfortable and safe. And you can now buy strolley travel bags on EMIs. Browse brands like Safari and VIP to find the winning options. Then buy trolley bags on no-cost EMIs.
  5. Shoulder bags from The House of Tara: Sometimes, all you need for your journey is your toothbrush and a change of clothing. For light travellers, shoulder bags from The House of Tara or Wildcraft are the best option. They look chic without weighing you down in any way.

Pre-travel shopping might be tough on your budget. This is why you should shop for travel bags using Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Card. This card lets you decide for yourself how much to pay every month. The EMI has no added costs. So you can shop for as many bags as you like without worrying about the price at all.