If you are on the hunt for unique interior design ideas on a tight budget of Rs.10 lakh, then look no more. Your search ends here at our list of top 7 design ideas for small Indian homes..

Here are 7 professional home décor ideas that are as easy as they are trendy:

  • Combine colours to create magic

You may have heard that when it comes to painting your home, it is better to be safe with neutral shades such as beige, off white or lime yellow. However, if you are looking to experiment with innovative wall décor ideas, then do not shy away from dark colours and neon shades. You can combine them to create patterns such as chequered walls, horizontal and vertical stripes or even a dramatic wallpaper depicting a Parisian street. Alternatively, décor experts recommend that you paint one wall with a bold colour and leave the rest with subtle colours to create drama. Basic wall décor starts from around Rs.15000.

  • Less furniture for spacious interiors

If you are living in a small apartment, the most intelligent approach to furniture would be to go minimal. Buy cosy yet short furniture to make even the smallest of apartments look spacious and give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Invest in only one statement piece of furniture per room, be it a life-size painting or an ornate couch. Make it stand out in term of colour and size, and keep the rest of the room understated for the best effect.

  • Mirrors are a must

Everyone will tell you to invest in mirrors to make a smaller house look big and they are right, but just installing mirrors is no good. You must strategize on where to put up a mirror to optimise space and make the room look bigger. Invest in bigger mirrors with elegant trimmings so they don’t appear to just fill up space. You can also put up mirror on doors and cordon off the corners with metallic frames. Designer mirrors are upwards of Rs.1 lakh.

  • Pale ceilings go with bright floors

One of the lesser-known tricks that interior decorators use to spruce up living rooms and small bedrooms is to cover ceilings with paint that is five times lighter in shade than the walls, so that the ceilings appear to be higher. To highlight the room further, invest in a beautiful rug or carpet that grabs attention to itself. A bright floor also takes the tension away from the other furniture and brings the focus to the centre of the room. Investing in a good quality rug may be a tad bit expensive, but it will be long-lasting, which will go a long way in managing your finances.

  • A dash of metallic finish to all your furnishings

You can create a theme for all the smaller furnishings in your house to make things interesting. Smaller metallic objects and props such as vases and table lamps, trays and storage boxes can be combined in hues of gold and silver. Metallic objects lend an imperial touch to the house without making it look very opulent.

  • Pillows for all seats and sofas

To make all your seating look plush, add small cushions. Combine cushions in two clashing colours and put them together on long couches and divans in your living room to make it look like a comfortable and inviting piece of furniture. You can also combine three to four small pillows with a bolster or kidney pillow quirky prints and patterns to create interest. Basic decorative pillows are around Rs.5000 per piece.

  • Demarcate spaces to create zones

By using old-fashion wooden dividers, you can use common spaces in the house to create smaller areas such as a mini-bar with two high stools, a dining area, a play zone for your kids, etc. You can also invest in wall-mounting space savers (like a wall desk or wall cupboards) to transform a dining area to a study or an isolated corner space in the living room to a mini-library.

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