Diwali is one of the most popular and widely celebrated Indian festivals and no festivity is complete without a generous dose of music, dance, and entertainment. Pep up the party spirit this year by replacing your old home theatre with a new one. It’s a smart idea to take advantage of the festive season and look for Diwali offers on home theatres online or by visiting retail stores.

While you are looking for a high-quality home theatre, why not take a look at the new Sony home theatre, the Shake-66D. Considered to be one of the best home theatres on the market right now, this sound box takes entertainment to a whole new level.

Here’re a few reasons why this mean machine is the ultimate choice this festive season. And, if you are worried about how to find finance on the Sony shake-66d home theatre, we have got that covered as well!

Light up Your House

The Sony Shake-66d Home Theatre lights up your house and transforms it into the perfect party arena. It comes with 10 multi-coloured LED effects and 6 LED patterns that work in sync with the music. So, while you are playing some foot tapping music, let the lights dazzle your guests and get them into the party mood.

Take Charge of Your Show

The new Sony Shake lets you become the DJ of your own party. You can mix music using features, such as the flanger, isolator, phaser, and sound flash. What’s more, it comes with a Party Chain system, which allows you to connect many Sony Shake systems without any deterioration in sound quality. Amaze your friends and family members as you roll out some amazing numbers and set the dance floor on fire.

Sound that Feels Real

This Sony home theatre has Sound Pressure Horn Technology that increases the acoustic pressure of the bass, which in turn deepens the acoustic effect. It has a 3,000 W speaker that allows you to clearly hear the bass lines with each beat. At its loudest, the Sony Shake theatre amplifies its sound by 66D, which is twice that of ordinary speakers.

If all this information has got you excited, you can check out some EMI offers on Sony home theatres. For example, Bajaj Finserv has an easy and instant loan approval system through which you can buy this expensive Sony home theatre within 5 minutes. Bajaj Finserv offers Lifestyle Finance for amounts up to INR 3 lakhs and provides a host of facilities, including online account access, which lets you view your loan balance even when you’re travelling.

Your Favourite Tracks at Your Fingertips

If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone, just connect it with your Sony Shake-66D home theatre and you can stream music data straight from your phone! All you have to do is bring your phone close to the home theatre and select a track to have the Sony Shake play it for you. Playing music has never been easier and more convenient!

A Football Stadium in Your House

The new Sony Shake-66D is one of its kind and lets you experience the gut-shaking roar of a football stadium with full effect. Connect it to your television or home theatre system and give a new definition to home entertainment. Watch your favourite players score goals and cheer for them like you would in the stadium.

With so many amazing features to its credit, the Sony Shake-66D home theatre system is certainly set to rule the market this year.

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