You can never underplay the importance of a good wallet. It keeps your money, your credit and debit cards, any discount coupons you might have, and more. A bad wallet only adds to your worries. The cards stick in the slots, coins fall out, or the wallet itself loses shape.

That is why a good wallet is an investment. You need it to last at least a year, if not more. Is price a problem for you? Buy wallets for men on EMI this Diwali. The EMI card from Bajaj Finserv could help you buy a wallet for men without scrimping.

Wallet needs

Start your wallet shopping even before you hit the store or the e-retailer. Figure out what kind of a wallet you need. For this, you must list out your wallet essentials. What do you keep in it?

Of course, you use it to store your cash and your credit and debit cards. You may keep an identity card handy. You might keep business cards for networking. Maybe you also like to keep a photo or two of your loved ones.

When picking a wallet, select one that suits your specific requirements. Do you need to buy leather wallets on EMI? Or would super-slim card-holder wallets on no-cost EMI be a better option? When you head out to buy a men’s wallet on no-cost EMI, here are some of the types you could look at:

Basic billfold wallet: This is the standard wallet that every man has. The billfold wallet comes in two varieties: bi-fold and tri-fold. Would you like something good-looking and reliable? Puma’s billfold wallets have multiple slots for keeping your cash and cards safe. You can stick to your budget and buy the Puma billfold wallet for men on no-cost EMI.

Sports wallet: A sports wallet generally has a zipper and is water-resistant. So, all your contents remain secure even if you get caught in the rain while jogging. Sports wallets tend to be a bit bigger than your standard billfold, allowing a little more storage. If you want a good sports wallet without hurting your budget, buy from Levi’s or Fastrack on EMI.

Travel wallet: The travel or passport wallet is perfect for your business trips or foreign vacations. Your passport may not fit in a regular billfold. That is why you need something bigger. In fact, a roomy travel wallet is especially useful if you are travelling with children and need to carry multiple passports. Plenty of brands make good travel wallets. If you want a luxury feel without breaking the bank, try getting a Tommy Hilfiger wallet for men on easy EMI.

Super-slim wallet: The possibility of card and online payments has reduced the need for cash. If you carry very little cash, the super-slim wallet is ideal for you. It is compact in size and big on style. In fact, it is lean enough to fit in your front trouser pocket with ease. Check out super-slims from Woodland and Wild Horn on EMI.

Depending on the style you choose, you might have a few fabric options. Here are a few.

Leather: When buying a leather wallet, your best choice is full-grain leather. This is stronger and more durable. For a good collection of these, head to your nearest Woodland store. You can buy a neat men’s Woodland wallet on EMI.

Cotton: Cotton wallets for men come in all kinds of colours and prints. If you are at the mall, check out brands like Levi’s or Puma. Avoid the pocket pinch and buy a Puma wallet for men on no-cost EMI.

Synthetic: Synthetic wallets can be interesting and fun, in addition to being functional. Check out Fastrack’s array of funky and colourful synthetic wallets for men on EMI. Get a Fastrack wallet with your EMI card if you do not want to over-spend.

Easy shopping

A lack of funds should not hinder you from buying a good men’s wallet. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI card, you can buy what you like on no-cost EMI. Just swipe your card and pay for the wallet. There are no extra charges, not even interest. Choose the repayment tenure that works for you and repay on easy EMIs. That way, when you get a new wallet, you will not be broke. You will still have cash to put in it and go shopping for something else!