When it comes to purchasing a refrigerator, the promotional discounts and offers during this festive season have come in like a refreshing breeze. Various companies have already released uncountable offers on refrigerators this Diwali season. And, it’s a fact that side-by-side refrigerators are some of the most sought-after refrigerators recently. More than a matter of taste, the side-by-side refrigerator has become a matter of convenience—think thru-the-door ice and water dispensers and multi-cycle compressors.

By now, you’ve probably gone through various internet and TV ads, searching for special discounts and offers. Well, if you’ve made up your mind to buy a high-end fridge, look no further than the mouth-watering offers on the top-selling side-by-side refrigerators from Samsung and LG.

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Samsung RS21HZLMR1/XTL

If premium style and freshness is what you desire from your refrigerator, bring the Samsung RS21HZLMR1/XTL to your kitchen. It features twin cooling technology to keep food at peak freshness for as long as possible. Each chamber is cooled by the twin cooling system, wherein the freezer is kept dry while the fridge air remains humid. Along with this unique technology, the RS21HZLMR1/XTL imparts a stylish and refined appearance to your kitchen space. Convenience is another inspiring feature of this Samsung refrigerator. The water and ice dispensers are located at a suitable height, making it easier for you to fill pitchers and statuesque glasses quickly. The fridge also comes with a ClearView Icemaker that has a 2 kg ice-making capacity.


The LG GR-Y31FWAHL comes with the promise of smarter storage. With a four-door feature, you’ll be able to store more items and will have more convenient access to your stuff. This elegant-looking refrigerator also features LG’s Hygiene Fresh Plus system to keep your food fresh and healthy for a longer period of time. The best thing is the refrigerator’s inverter linear compressor that offers multiple benefits, including energy savings and reduced noise. LG also offers a smart diagnosis system for the GR-Y31FWAHL to help you find a fast and effective solution to any refrigeration issues.


This is the refrigerator you must own if you want to enjoy convenience at its best. The GR-J31FWCHL from LG features a door-in-door facility, making it a lot more convenient and accessible. This feature also prevents the loss of cool air when the door is opened frequently. The inverter linear compressor, along with the smart multi-airflow system, is an added advantage when it comes to power-saving and food freshness. This refrigerator also uses the Hygiene Fresh Plus system—an advanced feature of LG refrigerators—to preserve the freshness of your food.


Like most other Samsung refrigerators, the RSA2NQPN1/XTL side-by-side refrigerator offers a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. One of the key features of this refrigerator is that it comes with No-Frost technology to prevent the ice build-up inside the freezer, and enables faster cooling. Keeping your food fresher and healthier for a long time is no longer just a dream, as this refrigerator features multi-flow technology to offer quick and even distribution of cold air. It also allows smarter space-saving with features like flushed doors, minimal gaps, a deli box, a wine rack, fridge and freezer drawers, and big top guard. So, if you are searching for a fridge with seamless, elegant looks and uncompromising functionality, go with the Samsung RSA2NQPN1/XTL.


This revolutionary refrigerator from LG comes fully loaded with advanced features such as the Hygiene Fresh Plus system and digital multi-sensors. The door-in-door feature of the GC-J237JSNV prevents the loss of cool air when the fridge is opened and reduces energy consumption, the smart way. The elegant design of this side-by-side refrigerator is accentuated by the exterior LED display, which is quite energy efficient. Hygiene Fresh Plus—LG’s most advanced cooling technology—utilizes a five-stage antibacterial deodorisation process to eliminate bacteria and bad odour, and keeps your food fresh and healthy for a long time. This refrigerator’s digital multi-sensors are designed to keep the temperature consistent by monitoring the external and internal temperature.

These five refrigerators make up the list of top side-by-side refrigerators in India. Buy the one that best suits your lifestyle to experience revolutionary refrigeration during this festive season.

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