As we approach the festive season, with both Diwali and Christmas around the corner, give your house that long-awaited makeover without affecting your savings.

With these tips, you can renovate your house on a budget!

  • A door that makes the best first impression

Want to liven up your home? Why not start with the door? Choose a teakwood door with carvings to keep it elegant or extend the woodwork to frame the entire entrance way to your home to complete the look. You can even choose to paint your door with bright colours and patterns or choose a beautiful iron frame for your door for style and security. A teakwood door can cost you anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 72,000 depending on the quality of the wood!

  • Painted tiles for a vibrant look

As Indians, we love colour, and adding brightly painted tiles in kitchens and bathrooms is a great way to add life to otherwise boring room décor. You could mix and match tiles to create a canvas with an array of colours to suit your kitchen, bathroom or stairway. Hand painted tiles are approximately Rs.600 per square feet. If you live in a spacious 2BHK of say 1000 Sq. feet, the cost of this will go up to Rs. 6.5 lakh.

  • Rugs and carpeting for an elegant touch

A beautiful floor carpet can completely change the face of your living room. You can also add smaller rugs in your bedrooms to go with the colours of the wall or your furniture. These days you can buy fancy rugs and carpets online at attractive prices to keep your budget intact! Beautiful hand knitted carpeting, however, will start from around Rs.5000 per square feet.

  • Shutters and blinds to transform the look of a room

Ceiling to floor blinds, French windows and creative shutters and dividers not only help in creating the illusion of space, but are also some of the most unique ways to renovate your space. Venetian blinds and wooden partitions can transform the look of your living room and can also serve as a separator to define a dining area. Shutters not only look stylish, but also serve as a useful way to filter the right amount of light required indoors. A rolling shutter will cost around Rs.65000 and blinds are approximately Rs.300 per square feet.

  • Vintage furniture that’s easy on the wallet

To instantly uplift your bedroom interiors, go for vintage furniture. Vintage furniture does not necessarily have to be expensive as you can now purchase furniture that is designed to look old-world online or at home décor stores. You can also have this furniture custom-made to add retro style to your home. About 3 to 5 pieces of furniture should not cost you more than Rs.3 to Rs.5 lakh.

  • A skylight to light up your nights

If you are willing to try something new, you can go for a beautiful skylight to light up an otherwise dimply lit part of your house. A skylight is a fantastic way to let the natural light stream in and do something different to your home, especially if it’s located on the top floor. You can choose from a variety of options and get a fixed skylight or one that you can open when needed. An experienced constructor should not charge you more than Rs.2 lakh for the material and the procedure.

  • A smart kitchen to give your house a modern touch!

A kitchen is the centre of your home and doing it up for the upcoming festivities is a great idea. You can invest in a large dining table and chairs and in gadgets that not only save space, but also perform multiple tasks. Choose a colour scheme for the table and gadgets to give your kitchen a cleaner and more refined look, and enjoy all the food, desserts and laugher with family and friends this festive season! A nice ensemble will cost approximately Rs.1.85 lakh.

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