Have you ever realized that when you open a FD account, it is essentially your own money working for you? Fixed Deposit accounts are a sure-fire way of earning money in a slow but steady manner. Add to this all the recent advancements in technology like online account management with fixed deposit and tools like maturity-amount calculators, and it’s easy to understand why fixed deposits have maintained their position among the best financial investment options over the last couple of decades. Even though shares and the money market are a lucrative idea to increase personal finances, they pose a risk that is non-existent in fixed deposits.

Getting Assured Rewards, You Deserve

The best way to ensure a financially stable future is by utilizing all the benefits of Fixed Deposits.

We’ve listed a few just to get you started towards building a prosperous future for yourself:

Fixed Deposits Guarantee a Stable and Credible Investment

  • Investing in Fixed Deposits provides the certainty of a safe and secure financial move. Some companies raise the bar even higher with ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) Rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable Rating awarded to them so that you can make an informed decision and stay sure that your FD investment is in the safest hands possible.

Online Fixed Deposit Calculators Provide Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

  • It has become easier than ever to acquire a Fixed Deposit account with the availability of Fixed Deposit Calculators that make online account management a breeze for new and existing customers.

Flexible Tenor Provision

  • With Fixed Deposits, you have the option to choose between tenors ranging from 12 months to 60 months. This means more independence to choose and manage your finance according to changing needs and circumstances. Also, should you choose to close your FD account for some reason, you have the liberty to begin another one that offers a different duration.

Fixed Deposits Are The Most Prudent Choice

  • The safety and growth of their hard-earned money has been ensured by generations of Indian families over the past decades by investing in Fixed Deposits. The ability to ignore any market fluctuations and volatility is what makes customers keep coming back for more, year after year.

New-age Advantages of Age-old Investments

  • Fixed deposits have a habit of encouraging your ability to save money. In today’s age of credit cards, this quality is a highly sought-after trait among customers. Some companies make the entire experience of investing in Fixed Deposits an even more enjoyable affair by providing hundreds of easily-accessible facilities across India and offering a completely online application process.

Customized Interest Rates For Different Customers

  • Fixed deposits offer a high rate of interest to enhance your savings, as opposed to just keeping them in your savings bank account. Additionally, some companies like Bajaj Finance, offer different rates of interest for different customers. For example, if you’re a new FD customer, you’ll receive an interest rate of 7.85%, which is one of the highest in the market. However, if you’re an existing loan customer of the company, you receive an even higher interest rate of 7.95%. It’s the same for one of their employees or if you’re renewing your FD.
  • As a major bonus, senior citizens receive a much more generous interest rate of 8.10%.

See the beneficial features of Fixed Deposits and ensure a secure future for you and your family.

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