A financial asset is anything that you own or will own that has some value attached to it. Some financial assets examples include real estate, gold, equity, bonds, shares, insurance, and mutual funds. Financial assets, like the stocks you own, are quite useful as you can even get a loan against them for any personal needs. Bajaj Finserv offers you Loan Against Shares with instant online approval and nil foreclosure charges.

Financial assets provide financial security for the future and can also help you get good returns if you decide you sell them off. The different characteristics of financial assets include having a specific value in the market. They also have a scrap value, which determines their selling price and appreciates or depreciates over time. If it is a physical asset, like real estate or gold, you should consider the maintenance cost and the estimated life value before you invest in one.

Types of Assets to Choose from

You can choose from several categories of financial assets based on what you expect from them. Mutual funds give you a chance to invest in a varied portfolio, which are managed professionally and also offer good returns at a low cost. You can opt for Mutual Funds by Bajaj Finserv available at competitive interest rates. Other financial assets you can invest on includes real estate. Real estate is a favoured financial asset in India and has several benefits to it. With the burgeoning economy, the value of real estate properties is on a constant high and selling it can fetch you handsome profits.

Physical Assets for Quicker Returns

Most Indian households tend to have property and gold as their primary financial assets. This is because the risk involved with them is less and the returns are high. With property, you can get a good amount on reselling, while the instant liquidity of gold, appeals to most consumers.

Intangible Assets for Long Term Goals

Assets like mutual funds, bonds, and shares may not give you instant returns but if you invest wisely you will reap sound profits over time. Bajaj Finserv gives you Fixed Deposits with flexible tenure that you can take your pick from, allowing you to better plan the repayment process. Financial assets are also useful when you apply for personal loans as they can be used to pay off some portion of your debt.

There are varied forms of financial assets and the one you choose to acquire should be based on an extensive analysis of your requirements and financial situation.

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