What is with a man and his t-shirt? Date to Diwali, they live in those things! And if you are a man reading this, please skip straight to the bit about our favourite brands. We have a rant to finish. We love that the man in our life can get comfortable around us. But the way the not-so-fair sex keeps track of each threadbare tee is scary. And heavens help you if you decide to throw one away. The sulkathon can last days.

Well, you may make amends for an unsolicited wardrobe rehaul. Or, you may do your Diwali shopping. Nothing works better than a range of t-shirts. Silly or sober, printed or prim, get them all. Do not go broke though. Just make the most of festive discounts and buy men’s t-shirts on no-cost EMI.

Branded Tees on EMI

You can now buy t-shirts for men on EMI. That is incentive enough to buy from the best brands. If you are buying them as gifts, keep in mind age, preferences, and personal style. If you are buying for yourself, you can be more flexible and buy for different occasions. If that seems extravagant, here is something to ponder on. Awesome EMI schemes like Bajaj Finserv’s EMI card let you buy plain or printed t-shirts on no-cost EMI. This translates to zero interest. You pay for what you buy. Now, explore six of our favourite brands and styles this season.

Our top picks

  1. Levi’s polo t-shirts: Polo t-shirts are t-shirts with collars. They work best as business casuals. Team them with a blazer and denims. Keep your look clean and classy, yet informal. If you are buying Polo t-shirts for men on EMI, look no further than Levi’s.
  2. Lee crew neck t-shirts: Crew necks are close-fitting round necklines. They are perfect when paired with angular features and a sharp jawline. Crew necks are great for casual use, and for layering too. Check out the Lee t-shirts for men on no-cost EMI. The range of crew necks in this brand is eye-catching, to say the least.
  3. Puma graphic t-shirts: Nothing says young and ready-to-party, like a funky, graphic print t-shirt. We recommend the designs on Puma’s on-trend products. If printed tees are your thing, you should buy Puma t-shirts for men on EMI from your nearest outlet.
  4. Nike striped t-shirts: Striped t-shirts look amazing on men. They help make the torso and shoulders look broad. You could go for the classic stripes in two colours, or for a bolder, multi-hued pattern. The range of striped t-shirts from Nike is really exciting. Are you stocking up for the year ahead? You may want to buy Nike t-shirts on EMI with your EMI card.
  5. Adidas hooded t-shirts: Sporty, chilled out, and perfect to beat the nip in the air. Wear to a movie date, or on your way to the gym. The best hoodies come from Adidas. Period.
  6. Wrangler V-neck t-shirts: V-necks could really be shorthand for versatility. You can pair them with shorts in summer. You can layer them under open neck shirts when it is chilly. Wear a jacket on top or pair with an infinity scarf. They work everywhere, for everybody. For men with softer features and round or oval faces, V-necks are the best choice. They add a bit of sharpness. You can also layer them under open-neck shirts. Browsing around, we found that Wrangler offers the neatest collection. So, get shopping.

Best fit

If you need more choice, there is always the trinity of Rodd & Gunn, UCB, and Calvin Klein. Then, there are ecommerce sites to fall back on. Now, your shopping spree must fit your budget, just as snugly as a good t-shirt fits. We fall back on the no-cost EMI card from Bajaj Finserv for this. Try it out. Minimise stress and maximise your budget. This EMI card acts like a pre-approved loan. It just sits in your wallet waiting for you to use it. There is no processing fee or interest charge, and you are free to decide your tenure. So get one, and get shopping.