Do you love having the latest technology? Are you always the first to buy hi-tech gadgets? Face it: You are a technophile. But your tech collection would be incomplete without the best accessories. Tech accessories help you get the most out of your laptops and smartphones. They help you get the most out of life.

You can get tech accessories at e-commerce sites, like Amazon and Ezone, as well as at physical stores. They are available across a range of prices, from low to high. To help you choose the best, here is a list of accessories that you should carry with you at all times.

  1. Sandisk Ultra Fit Low-Profile Flash Drive: Storing your favourite games, music, notes, and movies has never been easier. This high-speed low-profile pen drive comes with a storage capacity of up to 64GB! Besides, it has a compact and classy look.
  2. Portable battery charger: The apps on our smartphones guzzle up battery like there is no tomorrow. Play it safe by investing in a good portable battery that will charge your phone anywhere. We suggest the Xiaomi 10,400 mAh Power Bank. It is ideal for all customer segments.
  3. Pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker: Take your music wherever you go. Try out the Anker Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This ring-sized speaker will astound you with its full-bodied, clear sound. It even has a subwoofer to add bass and depth. It lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge.
  4. TP-LINK Wireless N Nano Router: Travelling technophiles do not have to rely on shoddy hotel Wi-Fi anymore. Access all your favourites websites with this little nano router. It will act as a Wi-Fi access point anywhere there is an Ethernet cable and an internet connection.
  5. allbe1: Pair this multi-purpose wearable gadget with your phone to track objects or people. Use it as a fitness tracker, a thermometer, a smartphone lock, or an SOS transmitter. It also detects ultraviolet light, motion, and a lot more. It comes with an infrared sensor, GPS, a range detector, and an accelerometer.
  6. Fitbit: Technophiles can keep fit with the sleek yet powerful Fitbit Surge, your very own fitness super watch. Sync it wirelessly to your smartphone, laptop, or tablets. It can monitor your sleep and track your sports activity. It will track your steps, distance, and calories burned. You can even check your pulse rate at any time. It is also capable of GPS tracking. Besides all that, you can use it to view text notifications and control the playlist on your smartphone.

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