Investments can be the best way to make some extra income. Being so; there are still some people who hesitate when investments are considered. They usually prefer saving their money rather than investing it. A major reason behind this can be the stories they have heard about investments turning into a nightmare. Although, investments are a great form of making profits; if not planned well it can really pull the investor down into loss and debts.

In many cases, people prefer investing in high-risk investments as they provide an instant profit. But when stepping into such investment, what they generally forget is the consequences that come along with it.

In case, if you are one of these people, then you have landed on the right page!

When parking funds in these investments, people usually earn a profit at the start or if not so, despite the constant fall down they still tend to stick hoping for a profit in future. What you need to know here is, to move on! However, if your current investment is not offering you the desired benefits or is underperforming, then you need to shift your investment plans and let go the current investment.

What can you do in such times?

Although the answer here is quite simple – let go, it is surely easier said than done. Even though you plan to withdraw yourself from these investments, you might certainly want another place to park these funds or make some extra money. Now, allocating these funds in a savings account is surely not an option. However, savings accounts can be a safe place but surely won’t earn you higher returns. So, you need to shift your attention from mutual funds, shares and gold investments to low-risk investments like fixed deposits.

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Though FD does not offer returns as high as mutual funds and stock market shares; the interest rates are quite high than that of savings account. Besides, the investment avenue is safe and involves less risk. Talking about the FD interest rates, it offers a fixed rate of interest till its maturity. However, this means the FD rates don’t depend upon the market conditions. Since the market condition keeps on fluctuating, the risk involved in it is high. Therefore, the chances of ending up in loss increases. Now, it is not always that you might end up in a loss when investing in such investments, but a loss is certain. However, the situation in the fixed deposit is different – as there is no chance of loss.

Now, fixed deposits do not only offer good returns to its investors. Apparently, there is a lot more to benefit from.

Easy access:

Fixed deposit provides online assessment, which makes applying and managing the FD accounts easy. Once you fill the form online, the lender will call you to pick the documents and cheque.


Fixed deposit offers its investors with flexible tenure option. However, you can select the tenure period which suits you the best. You are free to choose the tenure between one to five years. Also, the tenure that you choose determines your interest amount. Thus, it is important to choose it accordingly.

Senior citizen fixed deposit:

Financial institutions offer higher interest rate to senior citizen fixed deposit than that of normal FD accounts. However, the senior citizens can also benefit from various schemes provided by the lender.

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When investing in high-risk investments, there is no such assurance of the money you have invested. However, it is different in fixed deposits. FD provides you with an insurance worth INR 1 lakh on the invested amount. Thus, this assures the money you have parked safely.



Concluding with, if your current investment plan is upsetting you with underperformance, you can look forward to investing in the fixed deposit; since, fixed deposit involves less risk and offers high returns

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