Why not spruce up your living space with the best furniture for a 3-bedroom house you can find? You can get furniture designed for flats that would add character to your abode. If you look for 3-BHK furniture online, you will come across websites where you can even match your choices to see if they complement each other. With Urban Ladder, you can get a varied range of options from which you can choose furniture that best suits what you want.

You can either choose one of the two 3-BHK furniture ideas available on Urban Ladder or you can make your own by customising a furniture ensemble. But remember, the two packages Urban Ladder offers are good buys since they are 3-BHK furniture sets. If you do find your perfect choice and realise you lack the finances for furniture, you can always approach financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv for great deals on Lifestyle Finance.

The “Under INR 17,000 PM” Package

This budgeted package offers furniture with a more classic appearance. With the standard wood finishes for beds and tables, black upholstery for the sofa, and simple, elegant designs, you can’t go wrong with these choices. The 2 queen beds, 1 single bed, a dining table, shelves, and tables pretty much sum up the ideal furniture for a 3-bedroom apartment.

Perhaps the “Under INR 25,000 PM” One is More You

With this package, you will pay approximately INR 24,000 per month for furniture that hints at warm, chic interiors. When you look at furniture designs for a 3-BHK flat, chances are you’re looking to fill your home with items that add to the overall aesthetics. This package brings you a cream coloured leatherette sofa, beds and table that have a lovely wood finish, and a stunning standing mirror.

Make Your Own Package

At the end of the day, it is your home! Furniture setting ideas for 3bhk flats can only take you so far, you will have to take it to the finish line yourself. Which is why, you will need to zero in on your own 3bhk interior design ideas. If colour is what you crave to come home to, then why not think a fuchsia and turquoise living room? You can look at various contemporary options as well as traditional wood finish furniture and settle on what is more your style. Whether you want to give your place an artistic feel or your want to make it as classic and traditional as possible, you can find almost everything you will need to do so, online.

Go online and research different 3bhk apartment furniture ideas to make your home what you want it. With Urban Ladder, you can be sure to find quite a number of options to decorate your house with. If you are slightly strapped for cash, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forego on buying the furniture for your dream home. You can approach financiers, such as Bajaj Finserv, and apply for a loan. They even offer a zero-interest EMI plan and instant approvals. With a loan in hand and your choices made, you can bring your home close to perfection in no time!

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