Assured iPad Mini with Bajaj Finserv Home Loan

While the entire nation celebrates the 70th Independence Day, Bajaj Finserv has come up with a new offer to make you a little more independent – an attractive Home Loan scheme to make home purchasing easy. The pride of ownership, the right to colour the walls, and do whatever you’d like to do, gives a sense of independence that’s only possible when you have a house of your own.

Bajaj Finserv is holding a Home Loan Flash Sale from 9th August 2016 to 15th August 2016. Apart from offering Home Loans at an incredibly low interest rate of 9.50%, you also get an iPad Mini for all loan amounts above Rs.30 lakh. Read on to know about the other benefits of their Home Loan Flash Sale:

  • Instant Approvals

Anyone will love to get their Home Loan requests approved quickly and Bajaj Finserv ensures that you get just that. Whether it’s a new Home Loan or Home Loan Balance Transfer, you get instant approvals and your amount is disbursed within 72 hours of approval.

  • Home Loan +

Bajaj Finserv offers you an additional amount on top of your loan amount so that furnishing and fixture expenses don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Top-up Loans with Home Loan Balance Transfer

Individuals opting for Home Loan Balance Transfer with Bajaj Finserv are eligible for a Top-up Loan at a very low rate of interest. You can use the top-up amount for anything that you want!

  • Minimum Documentation

Lengthy documentation is quite tedious and can be a major turn-off for many. Bajaj Finserv believes in minimum documentation, making the entire process of loan approval and disbursement easy and less time-consuming.

  • No Part Prepayment Charges

Most banks and NBFCs penalise you for making part prepayments. However, Bajaj Finserv gives you the luxury of paying back a lump sum amount of money towards your loan repayment during your loan tenure without any penalty.

  • Apply Online

So what’s stopping you from availing one of the best Home Loan offers in the market? Log on to Bajaj Finserv website and apply for a Home Loan online by 8th August to get a free iPad mini along with loads of other benefits.

Types of Home Loans Provided by Bajaj Finserv

  • Home Loan Balance Transfer:

    Not happy with the terms and conditions of your current Home Loan? Switch over to Bajaj Finserv and avail the lowest interest rates with a Home Loan Balance Transfer.

  • Top up Home Loan:

    All Home Loan Balance Transfer customers are eligible for a Top-Up Loan. This facility lets you avail of a loan amount over and above the original sanctioned loan amount.

  • Home Construction Loan:

    Created exclusively for customers looking to construct a home. Home Construction Loan gives you the advantage of funding your construction activities with easy need-based disbursal.

  • Land Purchase Loan:

    A Home Loan is only available for buying property which is already constructed, under-construction, or slated to be constructed soon. Land Purchase Loan loan lets you purchase land either through government allocation or as a vacant resale plot.

  • Joint Home Loan:

    Get a Home Loan easily and for larger amounts by going for a Joint Home Loan. You and your co-applicant share the onus of paying the EMIs throughout the tenure of the loan.

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