Sunita, 27, underwent emergency hospitalisation. She was not worried about the hospital expenses. She already had medical insurance coverage. But she filed her insurance claim late. She approached the insurer 30 days after her release from the hospital. This went against the insurance company’s rules. Sunita’s insurance claims process became difficult because of the delay.

Sunita faced this problem because she did not know the rules. But you can avoid such complications during the procedure of insurance claim. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

  • Inform the Insurance Company Immediately

Intimate your insurance company as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could face complications when trying to file a claim settlement later. After a burglary, Revathi’s home sustained some damage. She immediately filed an FIR with the police. She already had home insurance coverage. So, she informed the representative right away.

What do you do in case of a car accident? Move your vehicle to a safe spot. File an FIR, if necessary. Then call your insurance company to register your claim. Ask the customer care representative for the location of the nearest authorised garage.

  • Keep all Your Details and Documents Handy

You need to provide details and documents without delay. Consider the case of a medical claim. Provide your policy number, as well as date and time of hospitalisation. The nature of injury or sickness is also crucial. Have you ever made a travel insurance claim for a trip delay? You need to provide copies of your ticket and boarding pass. The insurer may ask for original bills of expenses incurred during the delay. Any correspondence with the airline authorities will also help.

  • Gather Evidence

Insufficient evidence may delay your insurance claim settlement. Note down the names and contact numbers of key witnesses. This is important for motor insurance, personal accident claim insurance, and home insurance claims. Photographs of the damage also serve as evidence.

  • Fill your Insurance Claim form Carefully

Even if it is a stressful time, fill your insurance claim form with care. An incorrect policy number could result in rejection of the claim.

  • Wait for the surveyor

For motor or home insurance claims, the insurer follows certain protocols. Do not repair or dismantle your property before the surveyor’s investigation. Assist the surveyor by providing timely information and the relevant documents.

  • Follow up on your insurance claim

Most insurers send SMS updates to policyholders during the insurance claims process. You can also check the status of your claim on the insurer’s website. You need to type in the policy claim number to get the current status.

Summing Up

Insurance claim settlement is easy if you do it right. The insurance claims process today is much simpler than it used to be. Insurers now strive to process claims quickly. They also keep customers updated on any progress of their claim. As a policyholder, you need not worry about insurance claim settlement. Just keep in mind the procedure of insurance claim filing and you will never go wrong.