Interior design and antique furnishing go hand in hand. Bring home some old-world charm to your dwelling by upgrading it with antique furniture.

If you think antique furniture can make your home look too old, try mixing and matching it with contemporary furniture. Many people are also open to subjecting their bedroom’s mood to dynamic period styles and bringing in a unique element of personality. In cases where money proves to be a little tight, EMI financing serves as the ideal solution.

Let’s take a peek into this rising trend of modern furnishing with antique-looking designs and see why you should consider buying now and paying later.

Why Go Antique?

Antique furniture lend a rustic touch and an earthy charm to your room instantly. Though many modern furniture incorporate an element of antique design, they still don’t match up to the elegant vibe of an antique piece. They can serve more purpose than just being a statement piece for the room. You can go with furniture like wardrobes, cabinets, tables, and other pieces that increase your storage area. Use antique sofas to upgrade your entertainment area and increase its edginess.

If you’re not entirely comfortable going with antique furnishings, you can mix it with contemporary pieces to project your individualistic taste.

Once you decide antique is the way you want to go, you move on to checking how you can pay for it all. If your savings is not up to bearing the expenses, you will need to look at your options, like EMI financing.

How can you Finance it?

While finding these antique treasures may not be as daunting as you think it is, financing it can paint a whole other picture. If you’re someone who takes home decor seriously and consider it a reflection of your true self, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to financing the purchase.

No matter how charming these furniture are, they will still be an expensive splurge that can break your bank.

So, instead of draining your savings, you should consider all your financing alternatives. One financing method that has gained popularity due to its easy application process and lower interest rates, when compared to credit cards, is the EMI. If you opt to fund your purchase with an EMI Card from Bajaj Finserv, you can pay easy monthly installments over a stipulated period of time, allowing you to take home your precious finds as soon as possible.

Why EMI Financing has Grown in Popularity

The advantages that come tied to EMI financing are what has fueled its growth among the masses.
Some of these benefits are:

  • Easy to repay As EMIs are relatively low instalments that are paid over a certain timeframe, these expenses are easier to factor into a budget.
  • Come with low interest rate Unlike Personal Loans or Home Loans, EMI financing come with a significantly lower interest rate. This aids in the affordability of this financial option.
  • Allow customers access to otherwise inaccessible products With the option to buy now and pay later, EMI financing lets you purchase products that otherwise would have been deemed too expensive to add your assets. By opting for an EMI option, and an EMI Card, you open the doors to a whole new realm of shopping experiences.

Keep these pointers in mind when giving your home an antique touch. Also, don’t forget to always buy your furniture from reliable sources, even if you are using your EMI Card.

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