Starting a business of your own is a very exciting prospect, and sometimes you may find yourself getting so thrilled at the smallest victory that you tend to splurge on unimportant expenses. Merely having received an order does not mean that the business has the spare funds to invest in larger computer monitors or the most ergonomic chairs for the office. Every entrepreneur needs to understand that until you have been paid, the working capital has not yet been received, and thus expenses should be planned carefully.

In a small business there is need to take control of the working capital available by calculating the cash needs for a period of time. In case you find that you are falling short, a good alternative is to secure a working capital loan to tide you over the potential cash crunch. A working capital loan is for a short term and is typically backed by accounts receivable. So, in effect you are not increasing the total long term debt but borrowing against amounts that are due to the business.

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An increase in working capital will provide the following cash flow benefits to your business:

  • With the added liquidity that working capital loans provide, the business owner is empowered with the capability to handle daily payments at ease and can take advantage of discounts offered on timely cash payments. Part of what is spent on interest for the working capital loan can be saved in cash discounts while building the credibility of the small business. This may also help to negotiate for better rates in the next cycle.
  • When the business owner can see that the cash flow is under control, he or she will be free to spend time on other aspects of the business such as generating new leads, improving customer service, proving better quality management and working on the next innovation!
  • With better cash flows you will be able to reinvest more into your business to expand. You will be free to add more skilled employees, increase the office space, create more assets, adopt newer technologies for higher savings in the manufacturing process, increase productivity, make your business more efficient and competitive and eventually more profitable.
  • With additional cash in the bank, you will feel confident about analysing any high-interest debt you have and pare down the same, thus making the business more cash efficient. Also, by making payments on loan EMIs on time you will be able to avoid late fees and additional interest charges.
  • Finally, knowing that you have more money than is required in the short term provides you with a peace of mind that will subconsciously help you to work better and harder at other important tasks in the business.

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Working capital loans are easy to get and provide your business with the ability to continue to grow as per the original business plan as money is available in the system as predicted. It is up to the business owner to use this type of financing to its full potential. Working capital loan terms can differ between lenders and you will need to research to get the best deal. Bajaj Finserv provides collateral-free unsecured Working Capital Loans. With competitive working capital loans rates and an easy application process they stand out in the crowded market.

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