The festival season brings with it late-night celebrations, parties, and delicious food and drinks. Unfortunately, it also brings along an expanding waistline. Your fitness regime goes for a toss. You may not care right now, but every added kilo will come back to haunt you in the coming months.

Fret not! You can take charge of your fitness schedule again by following a few easy steps. Are you concerned about the state of your post-festival wallet? Remember that several finance companies like Bajaj Finserv offer EMI Cards. You can use these to keep your budget fit. So what can you do to indulge in parties and lavish feasts without guilt? Read on!

  1. Work out with the right tools:
    One of the quickest ways to feel and look good is to get those muscles pumping! Cardio routines or a bit of yoga can do wonders for your body’s flexibility while melting the excess weight away. Not everyone has the time to join a gym. So you may consider buying some equipment, like a StairMaster or a treadmill. The basic models are quite affordable. Find them easily with retailers like Bodyline and StayFit. They are perfect for short but intensive workout routines.
  2. Go for a swim:
    Swimming is great for your muscles and your heart function. It is also refreshing after a long day of partying. So sign up with your local swimming pool and get yourself a zany set of swimming accessories. A lot of ecommerce sites sell swimwear. But you might want to consider brands that specialise in sports equipment. If you look hard enough, you could get world-class swimming accessories at affordable prices.
  3. Eat well and eat smart:
    Some meals are bound to be rich in fat and sugar this season. How do you balance it out? By making sure your other meals are well-planned and healthy. Stock up on nuts and chia seeds. Get veggies like kale and celery from your local vendors or a retailer like Metro. You are sure to find excellent options for a healthy diet.
  4. Lift some weights:
    Give your heart some much-needed exercise and tone up your arms. You can find weights and dumbbells for every weight category with retailers like Cardio Fitness and Propel Fitness.

The products mentioned above are quite affordable. But you will be doing your pocket a favour by using an EMI service. One such option is Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Card. You can simply swipe at any of the company’s retail partners. This includes Bodyline, StayFit, Metro, Cardio Fitness, and Propel Fitness, among others. You could even use the card for online purchases on ecommerce sites.

The EMI Card gives you a pre-approved loan to fund your fitness buys. You get to choose the tenure with flexibility. Want to pay off the loan early? You can foreclose it anytime at no extra charge. If you do not have an EMI Card, get in touch with a company representative at any of these stores. Processing your card application will take just a few minutes.

So, stop waiting around. Use these tips to get your fitness back on track. Then you will be ready to party again once the New Year comes around.

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