The fitness bug has finally bitten India. Just take a walk through your local park and you will find people of all ages there. There will be children and teens, of course, playing football, badminton, or cricket. Uncles and aunties will be taking their doctor-prescribed walks. Then there will be 20-, 30-, and 40-year-olds out for a jog with their earphones and iTunes in place.

Fitness is in and how! But before you start your journey to good health, you need to ensure you have the right fitness gear. And the one item that tops that list is sports shoes.

Sure, you have the pick of the best international sports shoe brands in India. But these brands do not come cheap. No problem! You can now buy men’s and women’s branded sports shoes with no-cost EMI. It is a convenient way of financing your fitness shopping spree.

Step up

You are in the market for a pair of sports shoes. But there are so many different kinds. Which ones should you buy? Here is a quick look at the different types of sports shoes you can buy on no-cost EMI.

Football shoes: The studs on the base help with grip on grass pitches. Football shoes come in a wealth of colours, design, and patterns. If you like keeping things simple, Nike has all-black football shoes that you will love. Or do you want something funky? Check out the Nike Hypervenom Phantom series. The price may be upwards of Rs 5,000 for the latter. But do not let price be a deterrent when you can buy Nike sports shoes on EMI.

Running shoes: Running shoes are not just fancy sneakers. You absolutely need to wear the correct pair. Otherwise, you could injure yourself.

  • Cross-trainer: This non-running shoe is ideal for aerobics and gym workouts. It provides good support and a stable platform for the feet, especially for heavy lifting. Check out the Reebok Crossfit Nano series.
  • Cushioned for stability: With their advanced cushioning, these shoes are ideal for endurance training. Check out the Puma Faas series. Be sure to buy Puma sports shoes with the EMI card to enjoy the benefits of no-cost EMIs.
  • Trail: These running shoes are great for running on trails, where the ground tends to be uneven. They provide extra foot protection, traction, and water resistance. Fila has a great range of trail running shoes that you can check out. There is no need to worry about budget either. You can buy men’s sports shoes at best price on EMI online. You can also buy women’s sports shoes with an EMI card to stay within budget.
  • Walking sports shoes: These shoes are for fitness walkers. Enjoy the comfort and stability of a running shoe along with the visual appeal of a regular walking shoe. Check out the collections at Reebok, Skechers, and Adidas Originals. You can always buy men’s and women’s sports shoes online on no-cost EMI.

Cricket shoes: You cannot talk about sports in India without a mention of cricket. If you are serious about the sport, opt for Puma’s range of cricket sports shoes. While shopping at Puma, buy sports shoes for men with the EMI card.

Tennis shoes: These sports shoes provide support to the feet. You also have a good grip, which prevents you from slipping on the tennis court. Adidas, Nike, and Asics all have great tennis shoes that you could consider.

Basketball shoes: These have thick, stiff soles to give extra stability on the basketball court. Basketball shoes often come with high-top ankles. Nike, Nivia, Adidas, and Fila have a stunning range of basketball sports shoes that look and feel great.

Casual sports shoes: Sports shoes have become the go-to footwear even outside the gym. Wear these shoes to go the market or to catch a movie. Pair them right for an on-trend look. Choose from classic Vans, Adidas Neo, Mast & Harbour, and United Colors of Benetton.

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