Mentorship is all about getting counsel to set up the right path. These programs are about building your business acumen and learning from experiences.

What happens really

Spotting future leaders is an ongoing process in a people-centric company. Businesses usually structure mentor-mentee programs based on future leadership needs to spot the talent early. This matters to the future growth of the company as well as the individual. While your selection for such a program may depend on your overall performance, the initiative taken by you in your daily activities could act as a boost to your chances.

Once selected, you are assigned a mentor, who may be an experienced person in another department. Usually, mentors are people who are not your direct line managers. You discuss your career progress, challenges and seek advice from them. A mentor’s job is to show you the right path.

How does it work

You may be talented but you may not have good inter-personal skills, having a mentor gives you a sounding board. If you are an introvert, you hesitate to approach people for advice, there is a chance of you not getting an appropriate advice. In a structured program, the mentor will help you navigate through the system in the interest of the company. It applies to everyone who is willing to learn and move.

The learning

It is not necessary that only mentees end up learning under the mentorship program. In fact, as technology evolves and attitudes change, there is a need for more exhaustive mentoring programs. Many senior managers can learn about latest consumer trends from their mentees. In the US, they are already pushing for this concept called ‘reverse mentoring’. It pairs older workers with younger ones. Ideas are exchanged on new ways of thinking and business.

How do we do it

Bajaj Finserv’s high growth trajectory creates a significant need for such programs. The organisation faces a challenge of retaining, developing and growing the leadership pipeline. For Bajaj Finserv, growing leaders is a strategic objective. Through FULCRUM- the mentoring framework, we strive to achieve it.

It is the company’s responsibility to create frameworks for employee development. The Fulcrum program helps employees choose their mentors and thus get the best out of these mentors to grow in an organization.

In summary

Mentorship is a big responsibility. It takes a lot to give appropriate, fair and wise counsel to mentees. At Bajaj Finserv, mentors look at mentees to take the organization to a different orbit as they grow in the organization.