Last month, Sonal Kapoor (36) was at her wit’s end. She was trying to figure out how to meet the family’s daily expenses without adequate cash in hand. Yes, like so many Indians, she too was hit hard by the demonetisation announcement on 8 November. Sonal had to send the kids to school, buy groceries, pay utility bills. The list was unending, but the resources scarce. She dug into her elder son’s piggy bank as a last resort for a couple of days. As queues in banks got longer and longer, she pulled out her Bajaj Finserv EMI card. She used the card to buy her monthly groceries on EMIs. It was cashless all the way.

Sonal was surprised how easy it was. She had seen her neighbour buy groceries online but she was never convinced. But now she had tried it out herself. She recommends the EMI card to other homemakers in the neighbourhood these days. She believes this is the way to pay!

EMI Cards for Cashless Transactions

Simply put, the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv is a pre-approved loan tucked inside your wallet. But it is unlike a credit card, which charges much higher interest rates. The EMI card can be an absolute delight to users in situations like this. You can use it to buy even grocery items without cash—both online and offline. It bodes well for India too as the country strives to become a less-cash economy in future.

The EMI Network

EMI cards can be used in more than 30,000 stores across 300 cities in India. Bajaj Finserv has tied up with a host of retailers and dealers. Among these are outlets selling all your basic groceries. Are you not comfortable with buying groceries online? Simply walk into your nearest Big Bazaar outlet. Load your cart with all the groceries you need. Present the EMI card at the counter, swipe, sign, and you are done.

Ease of Paying in Instalments

Grocery bills can be quite scary at times. Paying in instalments is a nice way to insulate your wallet from the monthly wear and tear. The carefully crafted Bajaj Finserv EMI card allows you to convert your grocery purchases into no-cost EMIs (equated monthly instalments). Choose a tenure ranging from 3–12 months. Pick the tenure that suits you most for a hassle-free grocery shopping experience.

Quick Finance for Daily Needs

Buying items for daily needs is a breeze with EMI cards. You could shop for groceries or small kitchen appliances like induction cook-tops or blenders. Pay for the purchases with your EMI card. Just ensure that you shop for a minimum amount of Rs 5,000. You could then divide this into three no-cost EMIs of Rs 1,667 each. The loan approval happens instantly. There is no waiting period involved. This makes your buying experience all the more smooth.

Down Payment and Processing Fee

The loans for buying groceries or small appliances are free from any hidden charges. Just swipe your EMI card and you are good to go.

Zero Documentation

Be assured of absolute peace of mind when you make the grocery purchase. The retailer will never ask for more documentation when you present the EMI card.

Shop with The Bajaj Finserv EMI Card at Big Bazaar

Sometimes, it may be difficult to find all the essential items at one place. Thanks to Big Bazaar, that is no more a problem now. Bajaj Finserv has tied up with Future Group to provide easy EMI financing to customers. You can shop for groceries or household essentials worth up to Rs 3 lakh. The minimum credit facility is Rs 3,000. The tenure of the loan would range between three months and two years. This EMI finance would be available on grocery and household essentials. You could shop for fashion, accessories, small appliances, and consumer durables as well. You could even buy furniture and furnishing.

The Bottom Line

If you are battling a cash crunch now, it is one more reason to use the Bajaj Finserv EMI card. It could be your best bet for buying items for daily needs. Buy groceries online on EMIs or take the offline route. The transparent and easy-to-use features of the card make shopping a pleasant experience. The growing network of the card’s acceptance can only get better in the days to come.

Existing customers of Bajaj Finserv can visit our customer portal and apply for an EMI Card at the click of a button. Others can apply for one when they purchase their favourite product at our partner store.

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