Choosing a perfume that suits your individual preferences is tricky, especially if you are forced to keep a watchful eye on the price. During this Big Billion Sale, not only can you find perfumes that align perfectly with your taste, but also ones which will easily fall in your budget. Wondering how that is possible? Read on to find out.

Use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Card to buy your chosen perfumes and fragrances for yourself and friends and family on No Cost EMI, which means that you don’t pay an interest while being able to pay in easy monthly installments. As long as your cart totals Rs.4,500, you can divide your fragrance purchase into EMIs. To buy the choicest perfumes keeping your likes and personality in mind, the first thing to know about fragrances is that they are categorized into specific ‘families’ based on their existing scent characteristics. These attributes can be used to define fragrance families that are exclusively masculine or feminine. However, most modern-day fragrances contain individual elements that can be used for both men and women.

Feminine scents

  • Floral

The floral family of scents will remind you of a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. It is perhaps the most widely used scent in feminine perfumes, and therefore a basic necessity for any woman.

  • Oriental

Daring, bold, warm, and sensual, these scents include ingredients like musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. They make for very interesting perfumes which are ideal for traditional events.

  • Citrus

Fresh and light, these scents give a wonderful feeling of energy and zest. They include oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruit, which are ideal for a hot day.

  • Chypre

A combination of woody, citrusy, and floral scents, chypre scents often contain traces of sandalwood, oakmoss, and patchouli, making them suitable for all occasions.

The best fragrance for women looking for the ultimate in feminine scents is undoubtedly ‘Romance’ by Ralph Lauren, which is available on No-Cost EMI during this Big Billion Days Sale.

Masculine scents

  • Woody

Consisted of warm, dry and opulent scents, this family is earthy and musky to provide a heady, long-lasting aroma. Essential for all men, regardless of individual preferences.

  • Citrus

This family of scents is a necessity for the working man. It features aromatic and spicy notes that offset the effects of sweat and hard work.

  • Oriental

Sophisticated and rich, this family is for men who prefer a life of elegance and style. It includes amber, tobacco, spices, and animal notes.

  • Aromatic

Featuring subtle, subconsciously-alluring blends of sage, thyme, and clove, these scents are suitable for everyday use.

Men have a wide variety of perfume options at No-Cost EMI to choose from, with some of the best brands like ‘Aim High’, ‘Go Far’, and ‘Be Strong’ by United Dreams, on offer.

Your lifestyle plays a major role in selecting the perfect fragrance. For example, a party animal should choose fresh fragrances to signify a fun and casual approach to life. On the other hand, if you pride yourself on being a prim, proper, and classy individual, you can select oriental fragrances to show off your high level of confidence.

Concentration-based fragrances

Based on the percentage of alcohol, water and scented oils in them, fragrances can be divided into the following categories:

  • Parfum

A rich, complex scent with high levels of perfume oil, Parfum is for evenings and special occasions. Try ‘A Thousand Wishes’ by Bath & Body Works.

  • Eau de parfum

Mostly considered perfumes, but with a lesser concentration of perfume oil. For both day and evening use. Try Fogg Scent Impressio.

  • Eau de toilette

Light scents for regular use, or semi-formal events. They contain less than 10 per cent perfume oil. Try Jaguar Classic Black.

  • Eau de cologne

The lightest scents with just traces of perfume oil. Ideal for a wake-up splash or simply to refresh yourself anytime during the day. Try Jaguar Innovation.

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