Whether you’re doing up your new home or upgrading your home appliances, when it comes to big-ticket purchases like, a smart refrigerator or an innovative washing machine, you often find yourself unable to do it all at once. If you opt to make the purchase on your credit card, chances are you’ll have to pay expensive interests and fees. But we have good news: Opt for a Bajaj Finserv EMI card, skip the long wait, eliminate high interests and get the lowest EMIs on the best products. Don’t have a Bajaj Finserv EMI card? You can still apply for finance from our partner stores and get instant approval.

December is the month of the Bajaj Finserv Super EMI Festival, and we are offering customers lowest EMIs on products across digital and lifestyle segments. Want to upgrade your home appliances at exciting prices this month? Be sure to look up these offers, valid only till 31st December, at all stores of More Megastore:

15% Off on Refrigerators for Efficient Storage Solutions

Are you looking to replace your boring old refrigerator with a modern version adorned with stylish designs and innovative features? Buy a new refrigerator on easy EMIs from the extensive collection at More Megastore and get a 15% off. Hurry this exciting offer is valid till 31st December.

10% Off on Washing Machines to Clean Up your Laundry Routine

From units with two separate washers for simultaneous cleaning to models with built-in sinks, modern-day washing machines have undergone a makeover. Want to buy a new washing machine but don’t want to dent your savings? Buy your choice of washing machine at any More Megastore store and get a 10% off till 31st December. You’ll find shopping for a washing machine on EMI via your Bajaj Finserv EMI card an easier decision than before.

No matter which of these appliances are on your must-have list, you’ll get the lowest EMIs on the best products during Bajaj Finserv’s Super EMI Festival! With great deals for you at More Megastore until 31st December, 2016, make sure you shop smart for the New Year!

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