Buying a home involves a major financial commitment on your part. In this context, getting the right home loan can help you fulfill your aspirations of owning a home. However, getting approval for your home loan may seem intimidating.

When it comes to home loan eligibility, lenders will always evaluate your financial history along with your ability to repay the home loan. You should follow these tips to increase home loan eligibility:

  • CIBIL Score– Make sure that your CIBIL report is in good shape
  • Credit History– Lenders evaluate whether you are responsible and disciplined with regard to handling your debts and clearing them in a timely manner.
  • Existing Debts– Clear as much of your existing debt as possible since excessive debt will lower your repayment abilities.
  • Co-Applicant– You can consider getting a co-applicant on board since his/her income will be considered by the lender while approving the home loan application.

These tips will help you boost your chances of getting your home loan approved. You can always make use of a home loan eligibility calculator in order to determine the amount that you are eligible for before applying.