The old smartphone is on its last legs. It lags. The screen cracked months ago. The speaker is no longer clear. You desperately need a new phone. But not just that, you want an upgrade. So, you go through review after review of the top 10 smartphones.

Of course, you have a budget to think about as well. You cap it at Rs 30,000. But that is still a big amount. So, you decide to go the way of equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

Smartphones 2016: Why EMIs Matter

EMIs are a useful alternative to paying by cash or by credit card. If you have something like the Bajaj Finserv EMI card, you gain easy access to special no-cost EMI deals at any time.

EMI versus credit card

The credit card is convenient for shopping. When you do not have ready cash to pay for a purchase, the credit card comes gallantly to your rescue. But the high interest charges are a serious problem. You may pay a certain amount every month, but the interest accumulates on the balance due.

EMIs help you bypass this problem. When buying a pricey smartphone in India, an EMI may be more cost-friendly. That is because the interest and other charges get fixed at the outset.

Best Buy: Smartphones in the Mid-range

For example, here is a selection of smartphones selling for within Rs 30,000 on Flipkart and Amazon. They are all available on easy EMIs.

Popular smartphones available on easy EMIs

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  2. Moto X Style
  3. Sony Xperia Z3+
  4. Microsoft Lumia 950
  5. LG G4

Popular smartphones available on no-cost EMIs

  1. Apple iPhone 5S
  2. Mi 5
  3. Asus Zenfone 3
  4. Nexus 5x
  5. Nextbit Robin

Harness the Power of no-cost EMIs

As you can see, the second lot of the top 10 smartphones listed above is available on ‘no-cost EMIs’. What are no-cost EMIs? They take the convenience of the regular EMI one step further.

You may know that lenders charge you on EMI payments. You end up paying interest on the EMIs and processing fees. Many a time, you may even have to make a down payment.

The fun of no-cost EMIs is that all these extra charges go away. Say, you buy a phone worth Rs 20,000 on a no-cost EMI plan. Here, you pay only Rs 20,000, and not Rs 20,000 + interest + additional charges.

Not every product will have the no-cost advantage. But you can save big on the ones that do. The Bajaj Finserv EMI card lets you access a host of such no-cost EMI deals on smartphones. If you have one, use it when Flipkart runs ‘The Big Billion Days’ sale and Amazon’s runs ‘Great Indian Festival’ sale. Expect many such deals on smartphones when you shop using the EMI card.
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