A high-technology branded clothes dryer is our recommendation for a perfect gift, this Diwali. Don’t miss the Diwali sales and grab a good dryer appliance before the end of the sale season. A much needed appliance, the clothes dryer, eases your laundry issues and also helps in avoiding a maid’s hassle. Check out the top 5 dryers in India below.

Amongst the best dryers in India in 2015, we researched the top rated clothes dryers that could be a good investment for your home. Amongst the various brands and technologies they offer, we came across some well known names in the industry. Here are the top 5 clothes dryers that made our list:

  • Siemen: The leader in the dryer industry in India offers you WT36A201IN and WT44C102IN to modernize your home. The features and technology of these appliances are user friendly.
  • Bosch: The power tools from Bosch are engineered for excellence, meeting all your needs. You’ll love the quality; reliability and precision of Bosch’s WTA76200IN and WTC84100IN featuring a Sensitive Drying System to take care of clothes and retain their structure. Even the high spin speeds are no problem with Anti Vibration Design. The Diwali offers on clothes dryers includes this appliance wherein the prices have been reduced from 39,499/- to 34,300/- approx.
  • IFB: Buy IFB clothes dryer to prevent allergies, bad odor, dampness, lint and germs while you get dry, crease-free clothes season after season. We recommend that you purchase either model number MAXIDRY EX or MAXI DRYER 550.

This Diwali, Avail Great Offers On a Branded Clothes Dryer

A dryer is actually an incredibly simple device. Once you decide to make the investment in a branded clothes dryer, you will see how these centrifuge machines simply spin their drums much faster than a typical washer could, in order to extract additional water from the load. What else are you thinking about? Perhaps, space in your home? Well, many good clothes dryers come in various sizes and you are bound to find one that fits within your home without taking much space. You can also invest in the best dryer-washing machine, in order to get a two-in-one combination and save on space. Avail the lavish opportunity this Diwali and grab your appliance in order to ease your lifestyle.

EMI Finance for Dryers

Shopping season for expensive consumer durables is here and indeed your wait is over for the good offers to get your clothes dryer. While investing in a good piece of appliance may cost you more than what your budget allows, you do have some options that will ease your financial burden. How does an EMI finance for your dryer sound? It will help you arrange for your chosen clothes dryer this Diwali while keeping your finances in check. We recommend that you capitalize on the various Diwali offers on electronic appliances with Bajaj Finserv’s products such as a Consumer Durable Loan.

Durable Finance from Bajaj Finserv

Durable Finance from Bajaj Finserv is a great way to improve your lifestyle by purchasing your home appliances including a Bosch, IFB or a Siemens dryer. All you need to do is pay a nominal processing fee and divide the total cost of purchase between a one time, initial down payment and the rest in easy EMIs. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. You can qualify for easy finance by logging on to their website.

Bajaj Finserv’s Consumer Durable Finance is an option that provides the following:

  1. Hassle free EMI payments
  2. 8 – 24 months tenure
  3. Avail the product at 7000 outlets across 120 cities in India
  4. Swipe, sign and buy with an EMI Card

Upgrading your lifestyle with an important appliance this festive season is the right way to begin the year especially when you have the option of taking an easy financial loan. Living a comfortable life with loved ones and not with laundry hassles is a blessing indeed. So, hurry and grab your Diwali offer now!

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