Diwali is an occasion that all Indians look forward to. Apart from the glorious celebratory aspect, this festive season is also a wonderful opportunity to purchase your favorite home appliances at discounted prices.

But, the larger the opportunity, the more responsible you must be in your selection. Before actually zeroing in on a particular refrigerator, why not take the opportunity to delve into the details of some of the top-rated refrigerators, which can be perfect for your family. Here’s a list detailing the top 5 Godrej refrigerators in India


If you are set on buying a refrigerator that goes well with your kitchen’s wooden, dark, or even light cabinetry, the RB EON NXW 380 SD that comes in an Inox finish is probably the best choice. This refrigerator showcases the perfect blend of artistic design and powerful functionality. Featuring a touch-screen control panel and an easy UI, this frost-free refrigerator ensures better temperature control to keep your food items fresh and healthy for a long duration. The unique bottom-mounted freezer technology – an innovation seen in Godrej double-door refrigerators – is based on the approximation that you use the fridge more than the freezer.


The Godrej RB EON NXW 380 SD refrigerator comes with a cosmos finish and features a sleek and sophisticated design that gives importance to convenient access. The bottom-mounted freezer design allows you to use your fridge without bending low, while the freezer is designed with the stay-cool technology to ensure that the temperature remains consistent. There are several add-on features to this refrigerator, including the slide and serve door bins, flexi freeze tray, dairy box, motion-sensing zone lighting, snugger, and a smooth, aluminium brush finish handle. This refrigerator also features an environment-friendly design that is free of the harmful CFC, HCFC, and HFC elements.


RB EON NXW 405 SD Inox features a frost-free technology to preserve the freshness of your food. The biggest advantage of this feature is that there’s no chance of ice build-up in your freezer. Some of the notable features of this refrigerator are the slide and the serve door bins, flexi freeze tray, and stay-cool technology. This refrigerator also uses bright LED lighting that is easily visible and energy efficient, at the same time.

RS EON 603 SM Metal Door

Featuring a side-by-side door design, the Godrej RS EON 603 SM Metal Door is a great choice for your kitchen. This refrigerator comes with a frost-free technology to prevent any ice build-up in the freezer. Buying this refrigerator gives you the benefit of storing food items weighing up to 603 litres efficiently. Some other add-on features of this refrigerator include intelligent inverter compressor, intelligent self-diagnosis, digital LED display, and bright LED lighting.

RS EON 603 SG Glass Door

If you are looking for a Godrej side-by-side refrigerator that offers a stunning design and large storage space, the Godrej RS EON 603 SG is definitely the ideal selection. If you look into its functionality aspects, this refrigerator comes with an effective inverter compressor, intelligent self-diagnostics, smartly controlled dual fan system in the freezer and fridge sections, as well as a bright digital LED display. The refrigerator also features a photosynthetic LED lighting zone to preserve food items from fast decay.

These are some of the best Godrej refrigerators available in the Indian markets. If you have set your eyes on any of them, and the only thing bothering you are your finances, you must opt for the Lifestyle Finance on fridges offered by Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finserv offers hassle free finance on refrigerators, with many additional benefits. You don’t need to wait for months and visit your branch a hundred times to get your EMI finance for refrigerators approved, as the whole process takes just 5 minutes through the in-store representative in any partner stores.

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