A makeover for your kitchen is a must-do every few years. You can buy everything you need for your kitchen on easy EMI using Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Network.

Remodelling your kitchen before your wedding, or every couple of years, is an absolute essential. Whether you entertain friends and family, love to cook up a storm or give everyday family meals a new spin, a beautifully revamped kitchen is just what you need.

If you enjoy spending time in your kitchen, don’t let the high cost of a remodel deter you. Whether you’re looking for offers on water purifiers, microwave ovens at the lowest price, high-performance mixer grinder, or a modular kitchen, you’ll find everything you desire on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Why choose to shop on the EMI Network?

– It lets you avail loans up to Rs.3 lakh

– It gives you a wide range of products and vendors

– It ensures fast approvals

– It lets you apply using minimal documentation

– It allows you to repay through affordable EMI

Whether its cookware from Prestige or toasters and grillers from Wonderchef, a water purifier from Eureka Forbes or furniture from Evok or @Home, you can get it all on easy EMI by clicking here. What’s more, once you have a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card, you’re also privy to a variety of offers and deals on kitchen appliances, modular kitchens and kitchen accessories.

Now, take a look at 5 simple ways by which you can transform your kitchen.

  1. Upgrade the lighting: The kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves to exude warmth. One way to do this is to add concealed lighting on the ceiling and lamps on the walls. Correct lighting not only makes your kitchen look more attractive but also makes it ideal for cooking. Bright lighting in the kitchen offers better safety and helps you ensure that food cooked is hygienic.
  1. Get a modular kitchen: Declutter your kitchen and give it a chic look, while making practical use of the space with a modular kitchen. Spacious cabinets, energy-efficient stove, chrome-finish chimney, and everything else you need to overhaul your kitchen – you can get it on EMI from Bajaj Finserv.
  1. Refresh the look: The flooring and the wall colour are subsidiary factors that affect the way your kitchen looks. When it comes to flooring, pick anti-slip tiles that increase safety for you and everyone else who uses the kitchen. You can then pick a shade of paint that complements the blinds and furniture, and is easy to maintain. Re-painting will cost you a fee of around Rs.26 per 30 square feet.
  1. Invest in the right kitchen appliances: Having appliances in the kitchen makes cooking faster and easier. With the best appliances in the kitchen, you can cook delicious food for your family and friends. Typically, you will need regular appliances such as a mixer, chopper, microwave oven, stovetop, juicer and more. You can buy these from an EMI Network partner store. All put together, the cost will come up to around Rs.1 lakh.
  1. Update your cutlery and silverware: Cookware such pans and pots can also double up as serve ware, so invest in good quality ceramic pieces that distribute heat evenly. Gold plated silverware is a classy addition to the kitchen for when you’re entertaining. Apart from this, you can also invest in a rice cooker, a small grill for sandwiches and meats, a pressure cooker, a traditional kettle, a wooden salad bowl and other plates and bowls.

Whether you want to buy a microwave oven at the lowest price or a new electric kettle, an EMI Network offers you the best deals on home appliances. Start upgrading your kitchen today using the EMI Network by Bajaj Finserv.

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